November 29, 2020

Charlette Cummings Oprah Winfrey Look a-like

Is look a-like day here at Fandaily, first we saw Angelina Jolie’s look a-like now is Oprah Winfrey’s turn, the woman who gets mistaken by the famous host is Charlette Cummings.

Oprah look a like

While we know ton and tons of Oprah about her look a-like we no nada!!  So the little there is, we are going to share it with you..

42 year-old Charlette Cumming lives in Florida works as a waitress and an Outback and PF Chang’s at Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, she has been mistaken for Oprah ever since she was  in high school and sometimes people don’t believe her when she tells then she is not Oprah, even accused her of act like a waitress for a t.v prank. Others asked her to have their picture taken with her, and  the good thing about it is that she get really good tips..

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