September 18, 2020

Chet Handler is Chelsea Handler Brother

Funny lady Chelsea Handler puts her funny side aside when she recalled the short life of her dear brother Chet Handler who died when she was still a child.

Chelsea Handler brother Chet Handler

Sadly, I couldn’t find any picture of Chet Handler, one of the five siblings comedian, actress and hilarious lady Chelsea Handler’s brother, she recently opened up about the pain she and her family went thru after  Chet’s tragic death.

Chet Handler was 22, when he set off to a college hiking trip at the Grand Tetons, when he fell to his death

“He was hiking in the Grand Tetons and he literally fell like 80 feet off a cliff,” Said his sister Chelsea during an interview with Rosie O’Donnell

Chelsea had previously talked about Chet’s death, her parents dealing with grief and her siblings pushed to testified in court when her father Seymour files several lawsuits trying to find someone to blame for Chet’s death.

“a little haywire”. Here Handler grows skittish and her voice wavers. “It was bad. Anyone who loses a child tries really hard to blame someone – anybody – and my father was involved in several lawsuits for many years trying to sue the people my brother was with [on the hike] for culpability.” Her tone suddenly hardens. “I mean, it was ridiculous! My father dragged my brothers and sisters into court to testify; it was a really hard time for everybody. Ultimately, it made my family much closer – my brothers and sisters and I are pretty bonded because of that – but my mum turned to religion and my dad just was really angry. It’s pretty hard to see your parents go through that.”

Chet Handler was one of the six children Rita and Seymour Handler had, his mother from Germany  came to the United States in 1956, Chet died at the age of 22 his youngest sister Chelsea was 9, she remember how she dealt with her brother’s death.

“I was shut down, I was shut down because I didn’t want to cry in front of anyone. I had seen my parents cry I was. That’s very unhealthy and took a long time to get over.

“I was used to walking into a room and having everyone pay attention to me and I couldn’t get any attention. I was in pain too and I felt like no one was tending my pain.

“The older kids always took care of the younger kids. You canonize anyone who dies prematurely. He was like a voice of reason.” She recalls the moment she heard the news, returning with ice creams to the family’s holiday home in Martha’s Vineyard and seeing her mother looking stricken on the stairs. “Her look said it all: ‘Throw away the ice cream.’ I don’t think my family thought I knew what was happening. It wasn’t until much later I felt it. I didn’t want my parents to see me crying. They were so upset, I wanted to be strong.” His death “totally” devastated her parents, she recalls. “They woke every morning, crying. I don’t think my dad was ever the same after that, and rightfully so.”

Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Her Brother’s Death

Having happened when she was only 10 years old, it was one of the most informing moments of her life. Watch as Chelsea Handler opens up about coping with the death of her brother.

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