February 28, 2021

Chet Hanks is Tom Hanks Son

So long were the days when Tom Hanks and  Rita Wilson’s little son Chet, was a little boy, he is all grown up and he has turned into a handsome, sculptural young man and rapper.

Chet  Hanks Tom Hanks son shirtless picture

22 year-old Chet whose full name is Chester Marlon Hanks is the third son of Tom Hanks from his marriage to actress Rita Wilson, he has a younger brother Truman and two half siblings Colin and Elizabeth from his father’s first marriage to actress Samantha Lewes.

Chet got his major in theater from Northwestern University, although he has appeared in a  few films suck as Indiana Jones, his passion is music rap to be precise, last year he released three singles #1 Love,” “Hollywood” and “Another Chance”, and on 2012 he might be coming to a location near in case you are living in any of the 24 cities he will during his first headlining tour.

Most recently Chet Hanks aka Chet Haze launched his production company Kinetik Entertainment LLC, and model?? well, maybe not but let’s be honest Chet is looking as sexy as any male model in the fashion industry.

Chet  Hanks Tom Hanks son shirtless picChet  Hanks Tom Hanks son shirtless picture

Ok so the picture were posted by Chet on his Twitter and Facebook pages, by the way so you know  the girl on the background is his General Manager of Operation at Kinetik and fellow Northwestern graduated Maxine Hupy, not his girlfriend, I think he is single and available, note  that even thought he dedicated his shirtless pictures to his female and gay friends, Chet is 100% straight.

Chester M. HanksChester M. Hanks ? @CHETHAZE

Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans– both straight and gay… #humbled but just so you know I’m straight lmao ok ThankYou

He got  responses very fast and he was very pleased with those..

Chester M. HanksChester M. Hanks ? @CHETHAZE

Wow, 300 new followers overnight? Lol, I should have took my shirt off a long time ago… Like my Facebook page!!facebook.com/chethaze

Chet  Hanks Tom Hanks son photoChet  Hanks Tom Hanks son photosChet  Hanks Tom Hanks son shirtless picturesChet  Hanks Tom Hanks son pictureChet  Hanks Tom Hanks son pictures

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