January 23, 2021

Chris Rock And Wife Malaak Compton-Rock Split After 18 Years Of Marriage!

Comedian and actor Chris Rock, 49, filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years, multiple sources are reporting. Malaak Compton-Rock and Chris have two daughters together, Lola 12 and Zahra,10. The couple and their children have lived in the very exclusive area of Alpine, New Jersey for several years. There have been rumblings for the last few years that there was trouble in Rock paradise. There was a report last November that Rock had filed for divorce, but the two worked it out, and Rock dismissed the reports as “lies”. Well perhaps, where there is some smoke there is a lot of fire. Looks like the two for whatever reason could not get past the dark times.rock-compton-jpg

Rock has a new film out called ‘Top Five’ that opened December 12 ┬áto stellar reviews and big box office, to the tune of 19 millions dollars. Rock wrote, directed and cast his own personal friends in the film. He shot the film in New York in only 19 days. Mrs. Rock is a philanthropist and has been praised by the African American community for her civic minded endeavors. She founded and remains the executive director of the non-profit foundation, ‘StyleWorks’. It helps women become ready for the work force when they are leaving the welfare system. The foundation provides free services such as hair and make up services, as well as clothes for interviews and every day wear.

Rock has been making people laugh since 1984, he received world wide recognition when he joined the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1990. He instantly become widely popular, and started to command six figures when he did his stand up comedy routines across the country. Many reviews regularly referred to Rock as the “Funniest Man In America”. He left SNL in 1993 and went on to appear regularly on “In Living Color”, but the show was cancelled shortly after Rock joined the cast. After the cancellation Rock concentrated on a film career.

He has had dozens of roles with some of his SNL sidekicks, like in a remake of the Burt Reynolds film ‘The Longest Yard’ in 2005, he played Caretaker to Adam Sandler’s Paul Crewe, The film along with the others he appeared in, like ‘Death at a Funeral’ ‘Grown Ups, Bad Company, Down to Earth and many others were widely popular and generated over the top reviews for Rock’s performances.

Rock appeared on the ABC show ‘Kelly & Michael’ earlier in December to promote his film. He talked about turning 50 next year, he said “Next year I turn 75” but later said he was turning 50. He said “Money is the best lotion in the world, this is what a rich 50 looks like, it looks like 38.” Kelly Rippa congratulated Rock on being named one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine. He jokingly said he had no idea he was on the list this year. He said they “shouldn’t put you on the list when you’re married. What a waste that is.” Rippa asked if his wife thought he was sexy, Rock: “I hope so but I mean it’s just a waste to be on that list if you’re married.”



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