January 20, 2021

Christian Bales Wife Sibi Blazic Happy Being Mrs. Bales!

Actor Christian Bales has a rare happy Hollywood marriage to ex-model Sibi Blazic. Bales,41 married Lazic,44, in 2000. The couple have two children a son and a daughter, and live in Los Angeles. Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blazic has an interesting resume. She was a one time assistant to actress Winona Ryder. She was also a stunt car driver and worked on some of her husband’s films as a stunt car driver.baleblazic

Bale credits his wife with many things, he won a best supporting Academy Award for his work in the film ‘The Fighter’. When he got up to the receive his award he proceeded to give a long acceptance speech. He certainly wasn’t one of those that forgot to thank his spouse he said “And of course my wonderful wife, my wonderful wife who is my mask through the storms of life. I hope I’m likewise to you darling. Our little girl whose taught me so much then I ever can teach her.”

Both the Bale’s are very active in community and social service causes. Both have very publicity raised funds for the environmental group Greenpeace, and World Wildlife Fund. However for the most part Blazic has look a big step backwards career-wise to raise her two young children. Christian and Sibi are both on the board of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Bales has a long range of acting roles he has done including that of the caped crusader Batman. Recently he said he feels very fine with actor Ben Affleck reprising the role in the upcoming Batman flick. He talked about how he got ready for his role in the American Hustle.

He said “As it says in the beginning of the film, some of this stuff is on actual events. That was actually me, looking at Lou Wineberg, because this movie is loosely based on him. He would be rolling his eyes, because I had to spend  a few days with him. Because of some of the characterization I put into it. The one thing that come out of that, was when I read the original script and this wasn’t anything I was expecting.”

He was asked if he would ever consider a part that requires him to go through a big transformation to change his appearance. He said, “Right now I say No I wouldn’t do it but if I got a script and it called for that, I would have to look at the part and the picture” He was also asked how he shakes off the serious parts, once the film shuts down. Regarding ‘Out of the furnace’. He said “You know what I went from Out of the Furnace and in like two days I was on the set of the next film shooting it. So I really didn’t have time shaking off anything. He also spoke about which is harder to do a heavy film or something more light and less serious. He said they both take passion to play, he said you have to put all your emotions in the film or the end product is not as good.



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