March 7, 2021

Courtney Wagner is Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner Daughter

In the verge of Natalie Woods’s death case being reopened, we  began to think what is there about her youngest and second daughter Courtney Wagner, her father Robert Wagner still isn’t a suspect of her mother’s mysterious death.

Courtney Wagner Natalie Wood Robert Wagner daughter photos

Meet Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner only daughter Courtney Wagner her famous parents and the story of the passionate love story began even before they met on 1957, her mother once said that ever since she was a teenager she had a huge crush on Wagner, but it was until  she was 18 they she finally met him who was 26 at the time. Courtney ‘s parents got married for the first time in December 28, 1957. they split up 3 and a half years later and their divorce was finalized in April, 1962.

They didn’t stay apart for long but before that happened her mother found love in the arms of Richard Gregson with whom she got married on May, 1970, her older sister Natasha was born on September 29, 1970, they split up a year later. Courtney also has another sister Katie Wagner from her father’s marriage to Marion Marshall.

Courtney’s parents reunited in July 16, 1972 the date of their second wedding, Natalie gave birth to her daughter Courtney in March 9, 1974 the same year Wood’s movie The Cracker Factory was released. Sadly by the time Courtney was 7 she suffered the tragic loss of her mother.

After her mother’s death her father got involved with Jill St. John, after 8 years dating they finally got married in May, 1990, when Courtney was 16, they get along just fine. A very important person in Courtney Wagner’s life is a woman named Willie Mae, her beloved nanny who Courtney said is the person who very much raised her.

Growing up with Mum and Dad felt like being in a fantasy world. I was always entertained — quite mesmerized — by them. Maybe it was because they had this real connection and great love, and it was always so much fun. I’m not sure that I really understood the magnitude of who they were.

I don’t remember very much about my mother. I do remember her laugh and the way she smelt, and I remember her hands — things like that that made me feel close to her. Today it’s strange to see her in, say, Splendor in the Grass, as I didn’t know her then. But to see her in my favorite movie of hers, The Cracker Factory, which was made after I was born, that’s what I remember her to look like.

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2 thoughts on “Courtney Wagner is Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner Daughter

  1. This case was re-opened recently, and seemed to be slammed shut, without any details of what opened it, and why it was closed again. Now that there is much more testimony (some of it was ignored 30 years ago) and collaboration of facts and polygraph tests, why can’t the case be opened again, except this time, let there be more questioning of Robert Wagner. Drill the questions that should have been asked 30 years ago. Time gives some excuse for lapse of memory, but there is a death involved here. That deserves further scrutiny.

    With the facts and testimony that we have today, backed by polygraph tests, admitted lies, politics, admitted injustice and wrongdoings among investigators and many involved in the case, it is about time, frankly, to “nail” Wagner for what happened. Give him the polygraph test. Don’t relent without answers.

    After researching, common sense alone would tell anyone that Robert Wagner killed Natalie.

    Witnesses have been intimidated and threatened (much testimony from numerous persons backed by polygraph).

    Where are the appropriate authorities, in the name of justice, and with fortitude, who will get the answers and solve this case —- with honesty, determination , and totally intolerant of any corruption in the process?!

  2. It probably should be opened again, I just hope Robert Wagner did not kill Natalie. I loved both their acting and followed them for years. They are both great actors. And SO TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

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