November 30, 2020

Crystal McGhee is Comedian Katt Williams Baby Mama

Who is Crystal McGhee? Did she and Katt Williams ever married? why did Crystal won custody of their daughter Leanna? Who are his other 7 children? Let’s find out.

Crystal McGhee Katt Williams baby mama pic

40 year-old comedian Katt Williams is the father of 8 adopted children, a few years ago he was married to  Quadirah Locus who apparently is the mother of Katt’s only biological son Micah, after their divorced he won Micah’s custody due to Locus’ drinking problem.

After that it is believe Locus had more children, because he had custody of Micah and Quadirah has her drinking issues he decided to adopt all of Micah’s half brothers and sisters and here comes the confusing part,  this lady Crystal McGhee, is Katt’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama? After all she is the mother of Williams 8 year-old daughter Leanna.

Crystal McGhee recently won sole legal and physical custody of  Leanna, but  Katt still has visitation rights of the girl and so does McGhee. What do you know about all of this??? Is the woman in the pic below Katt’s girlfriend Lena Smith? And  what about the one on the pic above, Bossip are saying she is the real Crystal in Katt’s life, is she really?

Katt Williams wife Crystal McGhee pictureKatt Williams girlfriend picLena Smith Katt Williams girlfriend

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