March 2, 2021

Danielle Welsh is Weezer Mikey Welsh’ Wife

Former Weezer bassist and painter Mikey Welsh pas away on Saturday October  he is survived by his wife Danielle and their two sons, would you like to know more about Mikey’s wife? then check it out!

Michael Edward Welsh commonly known simple as Mikey Welsh, from Syracuse, New York, Met Rivers Cuomo on 1997 when he joined him at The Rivers Cuomo Band, contributed with Juliana Hatfield and  finally joined Weezer on 2000, leaving the following year because of a nervous breakdown that led him to attempt of suicide due to drug overdose, that August he was checked into a psychiatric hospital, once he said this..

Basically, a lifetime of doing drugs and being undiagnosed as having disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder finally caught up with me when I was 30 years old. At the beginning of a 3-month European tour with Weezer, I started slowly falling apart. Without getting too graphic, by the time the tour was winding up, my weight had gone down to about 140lbs (I’m 6’2″) [63,5 kg – 1,85 m] and mentally completely wiped out. When I returned to the States, my family had made plans for me to see a psychiatrist in Boston. First though, we had to play a few dates around the U.S., and perform on The Tonite (sic) Show (which ended up being my last performance with Weezer). By the time I got to Boston, I was having a complete nervous breakdown. It ended with a severe suicide attempt (an overdose). I was found and rushed to the hospital where I had come to within minutes of my heart completely stopping. I was in a coma for a few days, and woke up in a lockdown psychiatric ward.

After a while he decided to focus on his career as an artist, but continue to play music sporadically, sadly on October 8th, Welsh was found dead at a hotel room in Chicago, Illinois, from a suspected drug overdose.

Mikey might have predicted his death on September 26 he tweeted this..

Mikey Welsh

@MikeyWelsh71Mikey Welsh

dreamt i died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.

26 Sep via web

Mikey Welsh


@MikeyWelsh71Mikey Welsh

@JVittitow correction – the weekend after next

26 Sep via web

So what about  Welsh’s Wife Danielle, this is what we know..

Mikey was married to his wife Danielle Welsh, who he has known  for years even before he became Weezer’s bassist, Danielle  used to be a bassist, Mikey once said he always had a crush on her.

“She played bass in this band and I always thought she was really beautiful,” Welsh says.

They reconnected right after  his put aside his music career, Danielle was studying at the university of Vermont where she got her undergraduate degree. Danielle and Mikey got married on 2003, he became the stepfather of her 12 year-old Rye from a previous relationship, and 4 year ago she gave birth to their son Jack. Danielle Welsh works as financial Analyst in Vermont Teddy Bear in Shelburne she and her family resides in South Burlington, Vermont.

Our  thoughts and prayers go out to her and her sons the rest of their families, friends and fans throughout this terrible time.


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