January 16, 2021

David Lucado is Britney Spears’s Official Boyfriend!(photos)

Britney Spear has a new boy friend, David Lucado and it’s official!

Britney Spear, the famous singer and the 31- year- old mother of two kids was spotted holding hands with her new boy friend,David Lucado,at a mall in Thousand Oaks,Calif.on Friday.This is the first time Bridney Spear officially admitted that David Lucado is her new boyfriend.


Bridney spear, with genuine smile on their face and relaxed postures, holds hands closely with David Lucado, obviously in deep love.

Just two months after Bridney spear announced her broken up with fiance Jason Trawick, Spears was shot Bridney and Lucade have been dated for weeks. They were spotted dining together on Valentine’s Day and going tanning a deux. And the holding hands photo do have great meaning for them!

Who is Lucado?

David Lucado pics

David Lucadodavid-lucado

Lucado, from Atlanta and now had a job in a law firm but he is not the lawyer. TMZ calls him “a dude of modest means.” And it’s said that he is positively anti-Hollywood.

Either way, we’re happy to see them so happy and so passionate!! Bridney, our sweet singer does deserve the happieness!

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