October 19, 2020

Demi Lovato New Red Hair Pictures

Demi Lovato is starting a new path in her life and what better way to do that than with a make over, but I wonder if this new hair do on Demi was the right choice, I know red head are so sexy , she looks sexy, what do you think?

Demi Lovato new hair

19 year-old Demi Lovato  tweeted some pictures of her looking so sexy with  a new hair style, she said goodbye to her brown hair and embrace her sexiness with a red hair.

On one of the pictures of Demi Lovato with her new red hair she posted..

Just woke up from a nap.. Can’t believe I fell asleep before tweeting this……….. 😉http://pic.twitter.com/8YbTREoa

New hair pic #2.. Not as orange. #stillaredhead! http://pic.twitter.com/A0GjVywt

Do you like her better as a red head or as a brunette?

This is not the first time she transformed into a stunning red a few years ago she was also wearing her hair red, but I don’t I didn’t like back them, but I am so liking her today, Go Demi, love your new red hair!!!

Demi lovato red hair imageDemi lovato red hair photoDemi lovato red hair picDemi lovato red hair picture

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