February 27, 2021

Dennis Cavallari Is Kristin Cavallari Father

We previously saw Kristin Cavallari’s father when she starred in Laguna Beach, his names came around today when a woman named Tracy Sill, said he promised her the world for 5 years he never mentioned he was married to Kristin’s stepmother Nicole King Cavallari. Today she came out to let Kristin knows what kind of man is her father.

25 year-old Kristin Cavallari starred in Laguna Beach, the Hills and  was a contestant at Dancing With The Stars with Mark Ballas, one of the most interesting things about her is  the fact that she is dating Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, today however the other man in Kristin’s life got the spotlight her father Dennis Cavallari.

Before we get to the ugly stuff, let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Dennis Cavallari..

He went to the Empire State College where he got his B.S and M.A from the State University of New York. He  worked for a national apartment community developer JPI, Vice President at Legacy Partners Southern California until he started his own business The Cavallari Group.

As for his personal life we know that he got married to Judith Eifrig, now Judith Spies with whom he had two children, Mike  and Kristin, after their divorce Dennis moved to Laguna Beach with his son Mike while his ex-wife and Kristin moved to Barrington, Illinois in Chicago. His daughter moved back into his home in Laguna after her high school graduation and after  not getting along with her stepfather and his son.

Dennis appeared in a couple of episodes in Laguna Beach on 2005, (The end of the Beginning, Boys are like purses and our Last Prom). He later remarry Nicole King Cavallari.

According  Star Magazine a woman approached them to talked about her relationship with Cavallari, this woman is  Tracy Sill, she said she had a 5 year affair with Dennis Cavallari, during that time he denied been married, he also said Dennis is addicted to Viagra and weed, he promised her to moved to Florida and start a new life together. Ms. Sill provided several text messages and emails between her and Mr. Cavallari but their content was way too sexual to display.

“He told me he loved me and even lied about not being married in a desperate attempt to continue our relationship. When Kristin discovers the truth, she will see her father for what he really is: a philandering, sex-crazed cheat.”

“He told me he was addicted to Viagra and marijuana. He talked about us being together, moving to Florida and having a future,

“I’m…a mess, can’t you see that?”  He told her in a text.

He’s extremely manipulative and completely unstable, with zero empathy, I’m not sure if Kristin knows her father is a cheater, but I think she definitely knows the financial trouble he’s in, and I doubt she’s told Jay. He’s in for a surprise when he finds out about the family he’s marrying into. It’s a dysfunctional family full of lies and deceit.”

30 thoughts on “Dennis Cavallari Is Kristin Cavallari Father

  1. Tracy Sill is not a hag or a train wreck. She was not in the building industry and had NO knowledge of Dennis and Nicole King Cavallari’s shoddy marriage. She was lied to by Dennis and told he was a divorced man. She’s a beautiful friend and caring person. Dennis and Nicole at this point should be held accountable for all the women he has done this too! Kudos to any woman that stands up to him…….. Especially Tracy. The only one that owed his children anything is Dennis. PS. Tracy didn’t destroy lives. Dennis did.

  2. Here’s a question Nicole King Cavallari needs to ask herself instead of shifting the blame for her husbands choices to Tracy………..
    If Tracy is such a HAG and trainwreck why does Dennis continue to…………………?
    And why does Dennis continue to desire Tracy over his very unattractive wife who has made a complete fool over herself by herself for years to try to save a DEAD marriage and keep a man thats JUST NOT INTO HER?
    A lunatic that will do anything, sell her soul,to keep a man that dreams of being with someone else?
    She needs to accept the truth. She’s ruined her own reputation by being in such denial………….Move on little girl maybe someone else will desire you ………..

  3. Whoa! When are Dennis and Nicole King Cavallari going to take responsibility for their OWN selves. If Tracy was a HAG and a trainwreck why would he still be……….? Yes, it’s tough to admit your husband desires someone other than the wife!!! But sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. The attraction is just….THERE!

  4. Hold on Nicole King Cavallari!!! Katie Holmes is not the only one to use a disposable phone!!!! Jokes on you while your still paying!!!!:):):)Dumb chicks allow it by looking the other way!

  5. I am in the building industry and I know Dennis WAS looking for that extra something he couldn’t find and didn’t have, have you seen his wife? UGH (Take a good look at her nose) But when he met Tracy …….(DEFINATELY NOT A HAG OR TRAINWRECK) beautiful, a GOOD woman, funny, smart and witty, who called him on his inconsistancies,………that he was just swept away and still is………..it’s hard to let go of someone LIKE THAT! He’s between a rock and a slow painful death to the NUT SWAMP lady he’s married too.

  6. She did! LOL! Nicole King Cavallari did dress up her weiner dog , put it on facebook, and wrote “fashionista”. That is hilarious…..You know why she did that probably? Because her husband had two gorgeous kids in his first marriage and is smart enough to abstain from having kids with Mr. Ed!They won’t look like his first two! So she has to play dress up with her doggies…isn’t she in like her mid forties now. Certainly no spring chicken and horsey like a man/woman.

  7. She does dress her weiner doggie up! Very Funny! How old is she now? Mid forties. No spring chicken and PAST the child bearing years!

  8. Not only did Tracy do the right thing…ended the relationship…when she found out……told the wife the truth…..(guess she would rather be in denial)….she MOVED AWAY at her own expense! That woman is STRONG!!! Certainly not deserving of childish namecalling by a 40 plus year old man/woman, who is obviously insecure and very aware of her own shortcomings.Cat claws…..Meoww…guess not so sweet!? A witch!

  9. The story came out in Jan and derogatory comments about Tracy Sill at the end on May? Plankton? Really? Lets see Nicole, who is the real TRAINWRECK? Who is the REAL bottom feeder? Your marriage is a joke! Your husband cheated on you for at LEAST five years of your eleven year marriage! You drink in a dive bar in San Clemente! Answer any email of any musician you think may be paying attention to you! You tell people what really happened that don’t care, to make your face look like you’ve been hit by a train.! For sympathy! You built a 14 million dollar house, didn’t make a payment on it for at least two years ,all the while sending out emails about how much money you have , and your fat Po Boy eating family!The house was foreclosed on…… who’s the trainwreck Sweetie! I know it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror but you really need to start doing that before you throw others under the bus! Your the TRAINWRECK and BOTTOMFEEDER. Not anyone but you! Your Alice in Wonderland act is UP! Tracy Sill did not sell that story…the truth JUST came out as it always does…and the truth is trickling out about you the TRAINWRECK that can’t look at her own face in the mirror! Your HOUSE that you acted so arrogantly in is gone. Your marriage a joke. Nicole King Cavallari IS A HOT MESS! You really shouldn’t be pointing fingers……I’m sure you have alot of debt! Plastic surgery to get! Alot of cocktails to drink! GET TO WORK!

  10. PS. Tracy Sill stood up to Dennis and my friend has no problem standing up to any other bullies! She’s strong, smart, and NEVER deserved this HOT MESS! But she ended it, told the truth, did not sell the story, AND MOVED! STARTED OVER! And NOONE should be raining on her parade seven months after the fact!

  11. Yes…It’s about time Tracy’s friends and family expose the REAL truth. This great woman has suffered enough at the hands of these two. From the deception, to the lies, name calling and bullying when Nicole King Cavallari’s facts are just plain incorrect and derived from her own crazy mind to find a way to believe her husband feels more than JUST SORRY FOR HER. From the MOMENT Tracy gave her the courtesy of knowing the truth with plans to move , Nicole showed up at her door at 6:45 in the morning pounding on her door like a lunatic for one hour and sitting in front of her house like the bully woman she is.She came like a bully…unnannounced, uninvited, AND POUNDING! What would this MAN/WOMAN have done if Tracy would have opened the door? Throw her weight around like she tried to do with her emails about MONEY! Enough….Tracy is neither a train wreck, a hag or a piece of plankton…..even if bully woman stomps her feet and tries to manipulate the world to believe so.

  12. OHHHH BOO HOO HOO! I can hearby notify that the Tracy Sill I know would never allow anyone so much power over them that they ruin her life. That PATHETIC manipulative guiltmongering ACT would never fly with her. Some women use that guilt act to hold on desperately to what they have because they can’t go anywhere else! AND have NOTHING ELSE. Some do not need to. (re: Tracy Sill)

  13. TEAM TRACY! You go girl! Team Nicole must not have EVER met you! They are so wrong! A clear bunch of dodo heads. All daddy’s money can NEVER buy what you have.

  14. SOB,SOB,SOB,…….remember telling this Nicole King Cavallari “MY DADDY had to pay for Dennis trip to Costa Rica with my family and MY DADDY even had to pay HIS kids plane flight….Dennis never ever gives me money” sob, sob, sob,sob,sob. Let’s ALL TOGETHER cry for Nicole! Afterall she has KNOWN FOR YEARS her husband cheats on her. Put up or SHUT UP! It’s about time. We are all sick of feeling sorry for a nut rag!He didn’t pay because he didn’t want to GO! Wasn’t he deeply involved with someone else at the time?

  15. If we did a “Who’d you rather” Tracy would win hands down. Everytime! Sexy, sweet, funny, vivacious,STUNNING, graceful, as opposed to Nicole’s clunky crooked walk and her GIANT MAN HANDS AND HEAD!(she trys to hide her big head and ugh face by covering it with her hair).

  16. “has not marries you or been engaged”……..Read that again….Team Nicole must be drinking in dive bars AGAIN!!!!! Wonder what dress or matching scarf she put on the doggies NOW!!!! The money MUST be good. That is for sure!

  17. Geez…Sounds like carnal love …I EVEN feel sorry for team Nicole. That never ever goes away. No matter how much guilt is used, no matter how much bullying, tracking, watching, feeling sorry for, attempting to fight it…….that kind of carnal connection never ever goes away. They write movies and books about it. Wars are waged over carnal love, history changed…….If it’s in the man’s heart and groin he’s living a life of hell!!! I’ll give him a mini break for all his lies. This could be serious!! He could be torn between obligation, guilt, bullying, and “I’ve done an everything for you” wife. Whew….but carnal love…that’s a tough one. It NEVER EVER goes away and that sounds like that is exactly what it is. Tracy is definately that kind of woman. As her friend it’s been difficult to see why a sophisticated woman such as her has been put through this. But maybe that’s why? Hmmmmmm

  18. Team Nicole has been lied to and misinformed AGAIN by Mr. Ed aka Nicole. Nicole KNOWS Tracy didn’t know. It’s the ONE THING she asked for from Tracy and that was proof of it. Tracy provided that and Nicole knows it. I know people who knew Dennis in Denver. Wasn’t he married with two kids? Didn’t Nicole and Dennis meet in Denver? At least thats what she sent my friend Tracy when she sent her resume and bank account to her. Hmmmmmmm….. All this name calling of Tracy and misinformation spreading and horsehead Nicole met Dennis in Denver? Wow! Appearances and pointing fingers are a funny funny thing. Usually used to cover their very own sinister acts!!! Guess that’s how women from THE DEEP SOUTH keep and get their man. Especially when they can’t get another one. Through manipulation, guilt, you owe me, Ill beat you up, I’ll show you who my Daddy is!!! NOW we ALL know it’s not REALLY Tracy that is the hag, sl**,trainwreck, or piece of plankton. It’s a smokescreen so crazy Nicole who acts so fragile and DUMB can have the appearance that she’s in a marriage that works and somebody wants her.In “:Gone with the Wind” the man FINALLY gains the strength to say “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” I think it’s long overdue. Funny….. how life is never as it seems.

  19. In fact… this name calling, bullying, act, which this time,TEAM TRACY, IS fighting back and will fight back each and every time is probably occuring now because the APPEARANCE for Nicole is defunct! The house gone, the facade blown, the truth out(it always comes out sugar)! She has an excuse. She can blame TRACY for her miserable life and ridiculous marriage instead of the two people in it. She probably is bringing it up again because she knows its not completely gone and her image is up…who’s the perfect fall guy…Tracy. YOU WON THE PRIZE EGGHEAD! BE HAPPY!! FOR GOD’S SAKE!My friend Tracy is in a much better place than in your circle cycle of dysfunction. She was smart enough to GET OUT! She knows it will ALWAYS be in his heart…and again…..money can’t buy love. Never could! Never will!

  20. “Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy.”

    Something for those of us with PSYCHOLOGY on their resume (Nicole loves to send it out) to think about……namecalling and money bullying IS NOT WORKING! HOLD ON TIGHT!!! AND DON’T LOOK THE OTHER WAY FOR EVEN A SECOND. You wouldn’t want to lose your man…….HA!

  21. I’d say it is certainly easy to see why Dennis has to lie about EVERYTHING! Telling ONE truth to Nicole the man/woman made living over a year and a half a living HELL! She was hell bent on keeping her husband. Even if she slandered Tracy to anyone that would listen. Personal trainers, musicians, even friends are rolling their eyes at this point……..and have been through the duration of Nicole’s lovely marriage. It was crazy central over there BEFORE Tracy was ever in the picture. The poor man probably needed a bit of refuge from the horror. His lies forgiven…….

  22. Wait! Team Nicole has also been reporting anywhere to anyone that will listen for a year and a half that Dennis used Tracy for sex. It has been stated over and over again. What kind of man/woman bully gets pleasure in
    telling others that a woman, with family, friends, and children, was used by HER HUSBAND for SEX! What kind of woman/human being would do that? And enjoy it. Its the end of the road for that disgusting behavior. Team Tracy has now treated Team Nicole exactly how Nicole has treated Tracy back. The money bullying STOPPED! The lies exposed! The namecalling STOPPED! Does Nicole really think her husband would have a relationship with a woman that was all the things she tried so hard to prove? MAN/Woman bully it’s over. Say no more……If your husband chooses to be beaten down, controlled, money money money money (my Daddy, my Daddy) that’s his choice but you are done with Team Tracy. NOONE wants to hear it ANYMORE! Take responsibility for the marriage YOU have shared in!!!!

  23. Yes…Let’s not forget all the emails and texts from Nicole to Tracy ‘He used you for sex, Honey” Even though she had the proof right in FRONT OF HER FACE that Tracy did not know for quite a long time Dennis was married…but she still enjoyed, bullied, telling Tracy she was used for sex by Nicole’s husband and Tracy was a slut. WHAT A WOMAN! No wonder Tracy moved away……Times up Nicole…..Just curious. Did you meet your husband in Denver, as you stated to Tracy, when he was a married man with two children?” Cause he was married when he lived in Denver?Right?

  24. Sounds to me like Nicole THINKS she kept her man from money bullying, dissing Tracy, a woman she has never met, watching her husbands every move, and probably many more tactics that we don’t know about. But really….she kept him by DEFAULT! By hell or high water “He hasn’t left her” What an accomplished woman!!!!

  25. So in conclusion…all the names and untruths Nicole spewed about Tracy to keep her man have been addressed. None of them are true. We wish her and Dennis, regardless of if Nicole met Dennis when he was married in Denver, well….we wish her matched made in heaven marriage, by default, all the best in the entire world. Never before has it been so proven that two people could be meant, in loving matrimony, for one another! The End(That is of course, unless money,bully woman, has more to say)They may now roll over and look lovingly at one another for the rest of their dysfunctional lives. A true love story if I ever saw one!:)

  26. Looks like everyone has been afraid to hurt poor Nicole with such a “frail psyche” her entire life.She’s now 40 plus and a GRANDMA. TRUST ME EVERYONE! IT’S AN ACT ……… SHE”S GOT ICE COLD VEINS RUNNING THROUGH HER BODY.SHE HAS LEARNED TO MANIPULATE EVEN BIG DADDY PROBABLY AS “POOR NICOLE”. As a homely woman she has learned to use the resources she has to keep a man to her full advantage! Be careful NOW! She’s not used to not getting what BIG DADDY CAN BUY! BEWARE! Don’t be fooled! Who does that…sends her husbands girlfriend a resume and bank account info along with Daddy’s? CRAZY

  27. Not only does Nicole Lindsey King (Cavallari) drink in dive bars in San Clemente. She lives here. She lives and drinks in a big house by the ocean and she pays to keep the guy. She’s not a pretty sight.

  28. They probably thought they could move two beach towns away and not have people know . Not much self respect in either of them. Two frauds starting over in another beach town.

  29. We see these two out in San Clemente. Yucky, weirdos.(Dennis and Nicole Cavallari) Hear he is a snake but truthfully he should be able to do better than her.

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