March 5, 2021

Dennis Gregory Alexander- Travis Alexander’s Brother

Other the past months we have been hearing about Travis Alexander’s murder by the hand of his girlfriend Jodi Arias, people all over the world have been on constant watch for the trial of Arias and became interested in Travis’s family we have heard he had several sisters and brothers and this is how we bumped into  one of his brothers Dennis Gregory Alexander who might stolen Travis’ identity at one point.

Travis Alexander brother Dennis Alexander

41-year-old Dennis Gregory Alexander is one of Travis Alexander’s brothers, he was the one who was arrested for shoplifting (Sudafed) at a Starter Brothers store in Riverside, CA in March 2002, Dennis freaked out had an altercation with the employee Fred Lopez who filed a complain against Dennis at the store and when police asked for his name he told them he was Travis Alexander, certainly they did found out he was not Travis when they scanned his fingertips on the computer.

Dennis Gregory Alexander was arrested for wilfully and unlawfully used force and violence towards Lopez and shoplifting, was sentenced to three years’ probation. Court documents said Alexander failed to comply with a court order in March 2002 to submit a financial disclosure form to the court.

Check the arrest report below, it seems that the case went all the way to court under Travis’ name however Dennis Gregory said he never went to court.

“No, I never went to court on that,” he said. “I figured they ran it concurrent, because I did a 12-month violation on that. I assumed that his name would have been cleared. It apparently stayed under his name.”

Travis Alexander Arrest Court Documents

Dennis Alexander recalled…

“That was a time in my life when I was addicted to drugs and was a real mess. I was stealing Sudafed, an ingredient in manufacturing methamphetamines. They tackled me and beat me up pretty good,” he said. “I was already on parole and would have went to prison, so I used Travis’ name and information. When they arrested me, they fingerprinted me and put it in the computer and found out who I was. They sent me to prison for a parole violation.” Dennis Alexander said.

“It’s something that I am ashamed of, I have been clean for almost 10 years and it’s something Travis forgave me for a long time ago. He was a righteous guy and he never did anything wrong. It was all me. It was my doing. Travis was a gentleman. The furthest thing he would ever do is any sort of crime.”


Dennis who was actually born on June 01, 1971, lives in California, he said he tried to get an original copy of his arrest, but police would not give him any as they said they would be handing it over to the prosecution.

Dennis Gregory Alexander

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