March 3, 2021

Destiny Jones Is Rapper Nas’s Daughter

Check out young Destiny Jones, she is rapper Nas daughter who once showed off her condom collection and who recently made a cameo on her famous dad’ music video “Daughters”

nas video daughters destiny jones

Some of you might b e familiar with Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones, she is the rapper’s seventeen year-old daughter he had with his former flame Carmen Bryan who once dated Beyoncé’s hubby Jay-Z.

We all remember Destiny’s tweets on February, right? She thought it would be funny to share with her followers the pictures of her grand condom collection she keeps in a tidy box on her nightstand, she added a pic of her new Mercedes Benz which she named cocaine. I wonder what did her daddy thought about those?

Some said Destiny’ tweets were completely  harmless, sure it wasn’t their daughter who tweeted about that or about her alleged sex escapades with her boyfriend or the fact she thinks her mother is the most annoying person in the whole wide world.

But daddy Nas knows how to have a good laugh or was it payback time? in his newest video Daughters were he posted Destiny’s wrong birthdate (although he changed it later) he sang about her behavior, twitter use and more.

But voice said she was not the lest mad about it, on the contraire she was head over heels about daddy’s video, she made a cameo at the end. One question was she driving cocaine there? Seen it?

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