January 19, 2021

Donna Savattere is Dan Marino’s Baby Mama (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Donna Savattere here! The name of Dan Marino needs no introduction as he is a legendary footballer who played in the NFL for a long period as a quarterback with Miami Dolphins. But do you know that this 51 year old hunk, who has been married to Claire Marino for the last 30 years and has 6 children from her, has also fathered another girl. Yes, Donna Savattere is the name of the 42 year old woman who has been living in London all this while. She lives along with her husband Nahill Younis and two kids, one of whom is said to be Dan Marino’s.

Donna Savattere is Dan Marino's Baby Mama

Donna Savattere had an affair with Dan Marino in 2005 when she was working as an assistant in CBS. Dan was at that time a game analyst at CBS. Chloe, who is 7 years old today, was born in 2005 while Savattere married Nahill Younis in 2009 and the banker accepted Chloe as his own child.  Savattere also has a son with Younis. Dan reportedly paid millions of dollars to Donna to keep mum all this while. However, the news came out in the open when Donna was spotted by lens men coming out oif her home in London trying to sit inside a black SUV.

Donna Savattere is Dan Marino's Baby Mama 2

Dan may have cheated on his beautiful wife of 30 years but his family seems to have no complaints about this incident. Dan admitted to the affair way back in 2009 and said that he takes full responsibility for what happened between Donna and him 8 years ago. Dan’s children are supporting their dad who they say has been a pillar of strength for all of them all these years. They say that he is a very kind person and a doting father.