March 1, 2021

Dwina Murphy Gibb Is Bee Gees Robin Gibb’s Wife

Former Bee Gees member Robin Gibb is reportedly fighting liver cancer, his lovely wife and mother of their son 26 year-old Robin-John, Dwina Gibb has not left his bedside. Let’ learn more about Mrs. Gibb.

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His condition is not good, were the terrible words Robing Gibb family heard about his condition since he was diagnosed with liver cancer a few months ago, Dwina, her son, Robin’s other children as well as mother and brothers are also by his side.

61 year-old singer got married to Molly Hullis in 1968, they had two children together Spencer (36) and Melissa (34), the couple finalized their divorced on 1980,his second wife Dwina Murphy is an author and artist, but  the DailyMail once said that Dwina Murphy was an adult movie actress, they said they got this info from Dwina ex-boyfriend and fiancée David Waterfield who used to  be also  an adult movies actor, he also said Mrs. Gibb was into girls, witchery, spiritualism and  tarot cards. But  we can’t tell you if that was true, our mission is to tell you about it, the real facts about Dwina Gibb?

Here it goes 59 year-old Dwina Murphy Gibb was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, she went to school at  the Art College in England. Her artistic skills began to gain recognition ever since she was a teenager and before she was 10 she was a very accomplished  poetry writer. At  age 14 she had her first art exhibition.

Because Dwina is highly involved in druidry and is a follower of the Brahma Kumaris an Indian religious movement where she studied Raja Yoga and meditation, she is a Patroness of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Her poetry book Ergot On The Rye was published in 1988, Butterflies and Drums a year after, in 2003 Love Unbound was published, as for her novels we have The Seers, Cormac and The KingMaking.

Dwina and Robin met years before their 1985 wedding while he was in the middle of his first divorce, on 2009 it was reported Dwina fired her housekeeper Claire Yang, when she found Robin fathered a love child with Yang.

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3 thoughts on “Dwina Murphy Gibb Is Bee Gees Robin Gibb’s Wife

  1. Will always be a number one fan of THE BEE GEES…loved all the the guys…their songs…
    RIP ….Robin , Maurice and Andy ….
    Barry will carry on the legend of the band

  2. Poor Robin. Report I read was – she wisely planned her meeting with multi- millionaire Robin Gibb. She took advantage of Robin’s vulnerability at that time – being banned from seeing his children and in the middle of divorce crises . Not sure though, if she used her tarot cards or her experience as an adult movie star to captivate Mr . Gibb.

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