March 5, 2021

DWTS Season 13 The Finale- Who Won? (VIDEO)

Three couples standing Ricki Lake, J,.R Martinez and Rob Kardashian and their couples are the ones who will take the ultimate fight during the season thirteen finale of Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing With The Stars season 13 the finale

Rob Kardashian is the leader in the score board (57), Ricky and Jr are second (54), but they still have one last dance that will help the judges decide who will be the winner of DWTS, plus last night score count (50%).

Before we could see the contestants on stage, Lady Antebellum performed..

Then it was Ricky and Derek’s turn to dance the Tango, in my opinion I thought it was dramatic, perfect coordination, intense. The judges said this..

Len said it was memorable and really like it, Bruno said it was brilliant and unforgettable, Carry Ann  said it was beyond perfection!!!

Their score was

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl were next, they danced the fox trot, how was it? endearing, classic and very entertaining, Love it!!

The judges said this..

Bruno said he was smooth, Carrie Ann said everything came easy and she was proud of him, Len said Rob got the best footwork of any guy, love his confidence.

JR and Karina are next, they teamed up one last time to dance the Jive. In Newsboys costume JR and Karina  put the audience and myself  on my feet and dancing, The judges looked very pleased but what did they said??

Carrie Ann said he was inspiring, Len  said they were consistent, and that he light up the room, Bruno said he was energetic, fun and he love it!!!

The third place goes to Rob and Cheryl, second Rob and Karina, first place Ricki and Derek. The final moment was about to come….

The first couple to be eliminated is about to be revealed… Rob and Karina, JR and Karina, Ricki and Derek and the first to go home is… Ricki and Derek.

Then it was the turn for Ron and JR to know who is this 13 season of DWTS’ winner, but before that they will  have one final dance with music by Ricky Martin’s shake your Bom bom.

Before we got to see the reaming couple’s last dance we saw Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas, then it was Chyna and Tony who recreated their Mission Impossible routine that got her eliminated, but today  it was Mission possible for Chyna Phillips, well done!!

Next up Carson who will dance Madonna’s Vogue and he will be  the Madonna in  the song.. as expected very entertaining and funny, Bravo Carson!!!

Next was Nancy Grace and Tristan followed by  Chaz Bono and Lacey, did I mention Chaz was has been in the audience every week supporting his friends at DWTS after he was eliminated? The next couple were  David and Kym.

We are still waiting for Ron and JR and while we  wait Lady Antebellum performed one more time, after that it was Hope Sole and Maks who took the stage.

At last the moment to see JR and Karina is here and I don’t know about you guys but JR seemed a little  insecure no time for that, Rob was  dancing now, OK this guy was the right Bom, Bm for this song, let’s not forget he is a Kardashian!!! But who did it best???

Len  said  that to pick between them was  the hardest thing he was speechless so he  just stood and applauded, Bruno praised them both but he did said ob really knew how to use his bom, bom, I agree Bruno!!!  Carrie Ann love tboth couples but only one can win.

The score for Karina and JR is 10+ 10+ 10= 30, to Rob and Cheryl the score goes like this 10+10+10= 30 another perfect score.

Now the moment we have been waiting is here, the winners of this 13 season of Dancing with The Stars are…… JR and Karina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JR Martinez DWTS season 13Ricki lake DWTS season 13Rob Kardashian DWTS season 13

2 thoughts on “DWTS Season 13 The Finale- Who Won? (VIDEO)

  1. I’m bummed that Ricky got eliminated. She was far better than Rob K, but didn’t have enough of a fan base. I hope JR wins.

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