March 8, 2021

Eddie Frencher Is Isabella Cruise Kidman Boyfriend

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 19 year-old daughter Isabella is all grown up, she has grown into this beautiful young woman who is showing off her new boyfriend Eddie Frencher to her family, but who is he?

Eddie Frencher isabella cruise boyfriend photos (2)

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted two children during their marriage Connor now 17 and Isabella who is 19. During her brother’s birthday party Isabella didn’t showed up alone but in the company of a handsome young man, his name is Eddie Frencher and she introduced him to everybody as her boyfriend

Are you wondering is Eddie has Tom’s consent? I  think so after all he grew in a Scientology family, in Beverly Hills, as a matter od fact his father is just as involved as his new father in-law is so I guess tom might like that art of him, what about the rest?

My dad introduced me to Scientology. He has been a Scientologist since before I was born, so I have been a Scientologist all my life.

I am going to do a program that is called the Purification Rundown. It is about cleaning your body of all the bad substances that it has which arrives to your body through food and pollution. This program also has very good vitamins that you take. I want to do it because it’s like I have bad substances that I want to get rid of.

23 year-old Eddie Frencher was born in Beverly Hills, he is he is the youngest of four children, his older siblings are all women. From 1992 to 2005 Edie was part of Kids On Stage For a Better World. These days Eddie Frencher, a music writer and also used to be or still is a guitarist with Sky Diamond City, he also appears to be in the indie music band AE along Adam Cude.

Scroll down for Eddie Frencher pics and the video at Connor’s birthday where he was spotted with Isabella)

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2 thoughts on “Eddie Frencher Is Isabella Cruise Kidman Boyfriend

  1. i dont care at all for the scientolagy.
    and i think the to oldest kids should have
    visit nicol more she wanted them to
    but tom keep them away im happy nicole
    married keith hes good for her not tom
    im glad shes got 2 more kisa and shes happy
    i like her and think keith is great

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