September 18, 2020

Elena Rybolovleva, the Ex-Wife of Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovle, Earns $4.5 Billion Settlement

Meet Elena Rybolovleva here! Elena Rybolovleva, the former wife of Dmitry Rybolovle, the Russian oligarch and owner of AS Monaco football club has been awarded a record-breaking divorce settlement of 2.6billion Euros by a Swiss court. It is also reported that Elena won as custodian of their daughter Anna aged 13 in addition to half of the property deeds to their former Cologny home, a Geneva area upscale. It was termed by Elena Rybolovlev’s lawyer as the most expensive divorce in history.Elena Rybolovleva, the Ex-Wife of Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovle, Earns $4.5 Billion Settlement

Dmitry Rybolovle and Elena Rybolovleva met in the Ural Mountains as students and got married in Cyprus 23 years ago. However, for six years, they have fought over a divorce settlement.

In a response to a question asked, the lawyer said that it was oligarch’s strong resistance that led to a six year period to obtain a judgment. According to Bonnant, the harsh ruling was because Rybolovlev tried to hide some of his assets through off shore transactions despite being ranked by Forbes as the 147th richest with a worth of $8.8 billion.

Dmitry Rybolovle, aged 47, made his riches behind former Soviet industries similar to other Russian oligarchs. Since purchasing As Monaco in 2011, he has been in a bidding competition with Paris Saint Germain.The club features in France’s top league football despite being based in a tiny Monaco location. Rybolovlev who resides in Monaco also owns Saint Tropez resort in southern France.

Elena Rybolovleva, the Ex-Wife of Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovle, Earns $4.5 Billion Settlement 2

Will Smith’s $20 million Hawaiian vacation home (top left)
$95 million Palm beach home once owned by Donald Trump (top right)
$88 million penthouse on Central Park bought for his daughter (bottom left)
$300 million penthouse in Monaco (bottom right)

The Skorpios Greek Island purchased from Onassis dynasty, a Miami villa previously owned by Donald Trump and another in Hawaii bought from Will Smith is part of what he owns.

It is speculated that acquisitions since 2008 by Rybolovlev through a third party when his marriage split could have been in an attempt to keep his wife out of his fortunes. It was said by his spokesman that his 66% Monaco Football Club stake was purchased in his daughter’s name and not by the billionaire.

Elena Rybolovleva, the Ex-Wife of Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovle, Earns $4.5 Billion Settlement 3

Dmitry Rybolovle’s daughter Ekaterina Rybolovleva, Russian socialite

Despite Elena Rybolovleva efforts to persuade Geneva’s authorities to order her husband’s assets to be frozen worldwide, she did not make an application to trusts in the names of Ekaterina their daughter.

In 2008, his property empire extended to America where he bought Donald trump’s Palm Beach mansion and La mansion Del Amitie in Florida. Using his daughter Ekaterina’s name trusts again, he purchased n apartment in New York for $88 million.

Oligarch is supposed to issue his ex-wife half of the property deeds to their Coligny former homes, which is a fashionable district in Geneva which is part of the historic divorce settlement. He is also ordered to give highly valuable items of antique jewellery and furniture.

In a rare interview in January with Bilan, the Swiss financial magazine, Elena Rybolovlev said that private detectives have followed her almost all around the clock since she and her husband split.

In February, police in Cyprus questioned her and released her with no charge after it came to their suspicion that she had made away with a diamond ring that was worth tens of millions of Euros.

A complaint accusing the woman of stealing a highly valued jewellery that belonged to a family trust fund was filed by Rybolovlev’s family and it is reported by the media that its worth was in the range of 25-50 million Euros.

The trust fund was for the benefit of Anna and Katia who are the couple’s daughters.