March 1, 2021

Ellen Degeneres wins Best Host at the 2012 People’s Choice Award

Ellen Degeneres has won the 2012 People’s Choice Award for Best Host, she was sitting next to her wife Portia Di Rossi and gave  a very particular acceptance speech the Ellen Way, like if there was any other way to  do it. Go Ellen!!


The nominees for best host of the year at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards were Regis and Kelly, The Hosts at the Today Show, Anderson Cooper and Rachel Ray, but Ellen Degeneres  a all time favorite defeated them all.

Ellen kissed Portia before walking up the stage where she decided that the best way to give thanks was to name the people who she is not thankful to, since the list that she had to give thanks was just too damn big. In conclusion she thanked some guy who  she was told he is not a fan of her and her former 4th grade classmate who sat behind her at the school bus.

Others winners were  Emma Stone for Favorite Movie actress, Leah Michelle for favorite TV comedy Actress, Nina Dobrev for favorite TV Drama Actress. Well done Ladies!!

ellen-2012-people-choice-awards-best-host pic

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