January 23, 2021

Erica Smitheman- John Bolaris’ girlfriend

Former Playboy Playmate, Erica Smitheman and weather man, John Bolaris, got engaged on Howard Stern show last month, she recently took on her beau’s twitter account to post some of her sexy pic. ant to know more?

BolarisErica pic

We all should feel happy for this couple who have shared their love with all listeners of one of America’s most popular shows hosted by Howard Stern. This guys have been dating for a year-and-a-half before committing.

Bolaris, 55, and Smitheman, 33, who now works in flooring sales, were in the studio on Stern’s SiriusXM Satellite Radio program, where Bolaris serves this week as official meteorologist covering Hurricane Sandy.

Erica is not yet moving with him, but they spend a lot of time together so that will be the next expected step to follow. He says that  his daughter will come up to visit him on weekends when he doesn’t come back to town.

Erica became famous in the social network when she posted when drunk, a nude pic of her on his fiancé’s Twitter. She also uploaded messages about their sex life and cursed the ‘haters’.

When they started to go out together, Smitheman was interviewed regarding her relationship with Bolaris, including how long it took her to sleep with him after they met…

She answered:

Three hours.

Some men may already know her through the pages of the most popular male mag…it is not Sports Illustrated guys… She appeared in a few Playboy special- edition issues ten years ago.

Actually it was Stern who suggested Bolaris should propose on-air. He took the advice and Erica immediately said yes. There was no diamond ring since her didn’t have any plans to propose yet. But he added on the studio that he loved her so much and that he planned to propose sooner or later…

Close people around Bolaris admit he hasn’t been any happier. Smitheman has a good relationship with Reina Sofia, Bolaris daughter with former NBC 10 anchor Tiffany McElroy.

He is a ladies’ man and was married before, when he was young. A little more tha thirty years ago. He was also engaged twice, once to McElroy and once to singer Lauren Hart. On the other side, this is Erica’s first marriage.

Some people call this the engagement of the century, what do you think?

Need more info about Erica? check her here.

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