August 11, 2020

Erik Kuselias is Holly Sonders’ Boyfriend (photos, wiki, age, wife)

Meet Erik Kuselias now. Erik Kuselias is not just a co-host doing TV shows with Holly Sonders, he is also dating this beautiful golfing mascot. You have to admit this. Even if you have nothing to do with golf other than a casual interest in the sport, you know all about Holly Sonders. This 25 year old sexy bombshell is all over the world of golf, and even Golf Digest could not remain aloof from this bubbly damsel. She will be all over the next issue of Golf Digest giving poses on golf yoga as a means to stay in best possible shape while playing golf.


The romance between Erik Kuselias and Holly must have been cooking up for quite some time. Though Erik did not talk about it while he was doing the show with Holly during the time he did The Morning Drive of Golf Channel with her, he has since split with his wife and free to date Holly openly. You might be interested in knowing that his wife hired the services of a private detective to snoop on all those behind the scenes dirty activities of her husband. She came to know that Erik was also involved with another girl besides hobnobbing with Holly all this while. It was only after she divorced Erik that Erik came out in the open and admitted his love for Holly.

 Erik Kuselias pic

Erik Kuselias is forty something and this 26 year old bombshell is certainly going to break a million hearts if she goes ahead and marries Erik as planned. But Kuselias is really cool as he has signed up for many different TV shows after he was removed from Morning Drive for his alleged involvement with Holly Sonders.

erik kuselias holly sonders

Good luck to 43 year old Erik for his future with Holly Sonders.