January 23, 2021

Eva Schloss is the Stepsister and Playmate of World War II Diarist Anne Frank (photos, video, wiki, bio)

Who is Eva Schloss? Eva Schloss is the stepsister and playmate of World War II Diarist Anne Frank. She was born in Vienna, Austria in 1929, 84 years now.
Anne Frank, the young diarist survived two years in hiding in Amsterdam, during these 2 years, wrote her famous diary that to record her real lives during the Holocaust. Anne finally died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.
Anne Frank’s books (click the cover to look into them)
In 1938, shortly after Hitler annexed Austria, her family immigrated to Belgium and then moved to Holland. But the hard time just begin. In 1942, Germans invaded Holland then Eva’s family had no choice but hiding. In May 1944, they were betrayed by friends and then captured and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. In 1945 Russian Army liberated them but just Eva and her mother left while her brother and father died. Eva Schloss wrote in her book,

“I was in shock when the Nazis arrested us. I didn’t cry at first. My mother yelled that I was not Jewish saying she’d had an affair with a German. I did have blonde hair. But it didn’t help.” -Eva Schloss

“Then I was beaten. I was asked repeatedly for the names of Dutch resistance people who had hidden us. Luckily I never knew their real names. But the Nazis threatened that if I did not tell them they would kill my brother Heinz, who was not with us in the latest hiding place but whose cries I had heard in the police station.” -Eva Schloss

After leaving Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp several months later, Eva and her mother moved to Amsterdam where Eva finished her studies and then went to London and found a job as a photographer. She married Zvi Schloss in 1952 and her mother married Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank, just 1 year later.

Eva Schloss is Anne’s stepsister and playmate. These 2 families kept good relationships during that time and after the war, Schloss’ mother married to Anne Frank’s father. Eva said Otto Frank helped them a lot after the war, because of his relentless optimism, it became the key reason for Eva’s family to cope with the post-war years.

“Otto Frank, Anne’s father, helped me a lot after the war,” she says simply. “He married my mother in 1953 and they had 27 very happy years together. He always said he had no hatred for the Germans. After all he was a German himself and proud of it.” -Eva Schloss in her book
Investitures At Buckingham Palace
When Eva was giving a speech.
Eva and Zvi now live in London, she borned 3 daughters and have five grandchildren. 

Eva Schloss talked about Anne as long as 40 years later when Eva was invited to Anne Frank’s exhibition. She said she never looked back that’s why she remained silent for so long time. That’s when she started to let the public know more about Anne.

Eva Schloss pubilshed her first book named Eva’s Story in 1988 as a memoir of her Holocaust and her stepsister. She was then more and more involved into Holocaust education. She is a Trustee of the Anne Frank Educational Trust, U.K and received an Honorary Doctorate in Civil Law from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, England. 

Eva was one month older than Anne, but Anne was much more mature and grown-up than me, she attended the local Montessori school and was an academic year ahead of me. I went to an ordinary local school.” Eva recalls the Anne

She was awarded an MBE, a top British honor, in 2012

“Racial tolerance is improving with more mixed marriages but religious tolerance seems to be getting worse with more fanatics now. It is my duty to try to explain and to promote more acceptance and tolerance in the new generations.”

Eva Schloss’s books(click the cover to look into them)

“Eva’s Story”, first published 1988

 The Promise: The Moving Story of a Family in the Holocaust, 2006

 After Auschwitz: A Story of Heartbreak and Survival by the Stepsister of Anne Frank

World War II Diarist Anne Frank photos