October 20, 2020

Evelyn “Brandy”Ella Almond is Jodie Foster’s mother

Jodie Foster was awarded with the Cecil B. de Mille  for Lifetime achievement at the 70th Golden Globe Awards and she thanked many important people in her life one of them was her beloved mother Evelyn “Brandy” Ella Almond.

Evelyn Brandy Ella Almond Jodie Foster mother pic

Last night at the Golden Globes actress Jodie Foster left many people stunned, others in tears and for sure many enjoyed watching her just enjoying herself, Jodie has been in the acting for 47 years and when she said it was the last time she would be there many believed she was retiring from acting, she clarified she was retiring from movies per say, but she was interesting in working behind the cameras like a producer or director.

She thanked many important people in her life, her friends, colleagues, sons, Mel Gibson, Former lover Cydney Bernard and last but not least her beloved mother Evelyn.

“Mom, I know you are inside those blue eyes somewhere,” Foster said. “I love you, I love you, I love you, and I hope that if I say this three times, you will magically and perfectly enter into your soul, fill you with grace and the joy of knowing that you did good in this life, you’re a great mom, please take that with you when you’re finally okay to go.”

84-year-old Evelyn “Brandy” Ella Almond was once married to Lucius Foster with whom she had four children, 58-year-old Lucinda “Cindy” Foster, 57-year-old Constance “Connie” Foster, 55-year-old Lucius Fisher “Buddy” Foster and Alicia Christian Foster, now known as Jodie Foster born on November 19, 1962.

Evelyn Almond found her self as a single mother when her husband Lucius Foster left her and her children not long after Jodie was born, well to tell you the truth Evelyn or Brandy as many people known her was heavily pregnant with Jodie when Lucius left.

Evelyn has been Jodie’s rock since day one, she supported her throughout her career, Evelyn even became a film producer to support her.

But it was his son Bubby in his tell-all book that describes Brandy Foster quite different

“Brandy Foster was hot-tempered, sometimes violent woman who frittered away her children’s show-business earnings. According to what Buddy says Brandy told him, Jodie was conceived when Brandy went to their father to beg for child support money. Lucius told Brandy she must have sex with him first. She did, grudgingly, and he gave her the money. Nine months later, Jodie was born. Buddy says Foster and her father have virtually no relationship and do not speak”

When the book was published it was Jodie who fired back..

The book is nothing but s a cheap cry for attention and money filled with hazy recollections, fantasies and borrowed press releases. Buddy has done nothing but break our mother’s heart his whole life’’.

Jodie’s beloved mother Evelyn Brandy Almond is suffering from dementia, she is been taken care od by Jodie herself, who said she will not take her to a care home, she will give her mother the change to die in dignity under her watch and care.

“Oh God no way. I’m going to feel good — I’m going to feel that the end honored her and that she didn’t have to lose her dignity.

“Dementia is an interesting thing. It’s the hardest thing I’ve been through and yet also strangely sacred… I’m just here to care for her. I have no axe to grind. Mine will be the last face she sees.”

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  1. Thanks for this! ~
    With all the blah blah about other aspects of Jodie’s speech last night, This was the most compelling to me.
    With much compassion my heart goes out to her and her mother.

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