October 27, 2020

Fabiana Flosi Is F1 Bernie Ecclestone Girlfriend/ Wife

Have you seen the stunning  woman by F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone is dating? her name is Fabiana Flosi and they have been dating for a couple of years, we can tell you a few interesting things about Fabiana, want to hear them? should we called her Bernie’s new wife?

fabiana flosi bernie ecclestone girlfriend picture

We all know who is 81 year-old Bernie Ecclestone, a British Billionaire, F1’s president and CEO, according to reports Mr. Ecclestone’s net worth is $4.2 billion. He has been married twice and have three adult daughters. His first wife and mother of his eldest daughter Deborah is a woman named Ivy, then in 1986, they had two daughters Tamara and Petra, the couple got divorced in Marc, 2008. He has been dating Fabiana Flosi since 2009, sadly for him and Flosi his daughters are against their relationship and don’t speak to her, as a matter of fact they even refused to meet Fabiana. One thing  that called our attention when Flosi and Ecclestoe relation came public was the fact that Fabiana’s ex boyfriend Dr, Fernando Nascimiento who she dated for three years before allegedly dumping him for Bernie

fabiana flosi ex boyfriend Fernando Nascimiento

32 year-old Fabiana Flosi from beautiful Brazil, who he has known for years since she worked in Brazil as GP’s vice-president of marketing, lawyer and model,  when their relationship became sort of public this is what he said about Ms. Flosi..

“I’ve known Fabiana for quite a long while. Now we’re a little bit closer than just knowing each other. She’s gorgeous but, forget everything else, she’s a nice person – she has a good nature. She’s the sort of girl I’d want to spend more and more time with. I will be seeing her more regularly, oh yeah.”

“She’s a really relaxed person who’s great to spend time with, and that’s what you need in a potential partner.On a scale of one to ten about how positive I am of having a future with her, I hope it’s ten – but it’s early days.”

Fabiana moved in with her boyfriend in his flat above his office overlooking Hyde Park in the last months of 2009, it was rumored the couple had a little argument when Flosi asked he mother to move in with them.

Last year Fabiana Flosi and her boyfriend were robbed when they left his penthouse in Knightsbridge, central London on November 24th, 2010, four men asked  to take off all the jewelry they were wearing ($200.000), beat Mr. Ecclestone and left the scene before police arrived, he was taken to  the hospital where he was treated with a minor head injury, Fabiana was  clearly shaken but unharmed.

Berni ecclestone eye after been robbedBerni ecclestone face after been robbed

It was said Bernie’s daughters,  who are used to see their father often, were not seeing him as they uised to because of Fabiana, in Tamara’s mind there is no way a woman Flosi’s age that would fibnd a man her father’s age attractive, people think of Fabiana as a gold digger, to this he said..

‘If Fabiana is a gold digger, she’s going to be very unlucky. It’s true that I’ve been very busy  –  but as for a rift, I would bet every penny I’ve ever made on that not being the case. The girls can see me any time, day and night. This is their mother’s thinking, not theirs.’

Most recently Fabiana was seen leaving C London in Mayfair  this week, media couldn’t help to notice the tax disc in his car was expired.


Fabiana and Bernie got married at Mr. Ecclestone’s £23million chalet at Le Lion,  in  Gstaad, Switzerland, on August, 2012, Tamara and Petra didn’t assist. Fabiana showed off her huge engagement ring on May, just days after they got engaged.

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