March 5, 2021

Faye Grant’s Acting Future Up In The Air Now!

Headlines are currently running amok with horrendous stories about the demons that actor Stephen Collins,67, may or may not have. Collins an actor with a long outstanding television and film career is facing a most challenging time. His wife actress Faye Grant, 57, has been Mrs. Stephen Collins for the last 27 years. She also has a very distinguished career in television. The couple have an adult daughter Kate Collins,25. Collins and Grant met on the movie set of ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ in 1982. It was an action adventure TV show starring Collins as an ex-flying Tigers Pilot, Jake Cutter. The two soon became inseparable, and married three years later in 1985. Their only child Kate was born four years later.

Faye Grant as she appeared in 'V' in 1983.
Faye Grant as she appeared in ‘V’ in 1983.

Now comes news that has been both shocking and heartbreaking, her soon to be ex-husband is embroiled in quite the scandal. Apparently, Ms. Grant, Collins and a therapist were involved in counseling in 2012. During a therapy session, Ms. Grant taped the session on the advise of her attorney. On the disturbing audio Collins admits to sexually molesting at least 3 girls aged 10 to 12 on a number of occasions. TMZ along with the LA and NYC police departments have the tape, and Collins is being investigated and may or may not be prosecuted. His attorneys are saying Grant has held the tape over the head of Collin’s for years, because she wants more money from him as the finalizing of their divorce draws closer. However more puzzling is that Collins nor his attorney have denied the allegations. Ms. Grant said she made the tape because her husband is a serial child molester that has refused to get help.

Some may wonder what’s in store for the talented actress, how took some time off mid-career to raise her daughter Kate. After her divorce, and the noise regarding her estranged husband dies down a bit, some of her fans are wondering if she will resume her once potent acting career. She was breathtakingly beautiful in her heyday. In 1982 She was in the TV show ‘V’ playing the role of Juliet Parrish, she sat down with CBS Night Watch and it’s host Charile Rose to discuss her role and the show. It was a mini series and about aliens that are trying to take over the earth. Parrish is trying to fight the aliens. Rose asks Grant about her character, she says” my character was based on a real person that led the French resistance during the Second World War.” Rose asked Grant if the woman survived. She said the woman survived and was living in Paris. Rose asked her what the ‘V’ stood for, Grant “Well the V stands for Victory” The two bantered on about science fiction. Grant the daughter of a police officer from Michigan, said during the interview that she always felt growing up there was life on other planets, and their technology “far more superior than ours.” She appeared very well spoken and very knowledgeable during the interview, it will be interesting to see if Ms. Grant does resume her once prosperous acting career.

Donna Thomas

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