January 17, 2021

Funny Lady Margaret Cho Sad As She Files Divorce!

Comedian and actress Margaret Cho has split from her husband of 11 years, Al Ridenour. The couple had an open marriage, and in spite of that still could not make their union last. The couple have no children, Ridenour is an artist responsible for the art concept of ‘Cacophony Society’. Multiple news sources are reporting on the Ridenour/Cho split. Cho has been quite vocal about the fact that she is a bisexual, she told the show ‘The Real’, that although she’s married to a man she likes both men and women. Cho appeared on the ‘Wendy Williams Show’ and talked about her pan-sexuality. She said pan-sexual “seems like I’m always in the kitchen.”Margaret_Cho_2009

She said “I’m really attracted to all different types of people, so I don’t like to say that I’m gay or that I’m straight, I’m just about the person, not the gender.” She talked about her marriage at that point. Williams asked Cho if her husband was also a bi sexual. Cho responded that he was not and that he only likes women. She said, ” I feel like for me monogamy is an impossible thing, I can’t really promise that to anyone.” Williams asked her, if that was because she traveled all the time. Cho said” No, I just want to hit it, wherever I am. I would rather just be honest, instead of just lying and going behind the back.” Cho at the time said she had a boyfriend she was in a relationship with, and her husband was having a relationship with a woman.

Cho was also interviewed by Perez Hilton for Spirit Day, she talked about being bullying as a kid. She spoke about growing up in San Francisco, she said she very bullied and that’s why she became a comedian as a teenager. It was so she could leave home and go out on the road. She didn’t want to be home, and made to go to school. She said she really hated school because of the relentless bullying. She started her career at the tender age of 14, and she said she was able to ¬†perform in some comedy clubs at that age. She said she lied about her age sometimes, and at others times a High School teacher took her to the clubs to perform. She said she watched comedians ¬†such as Joan Rivers when she was younger, and became inspired to do comedy.

She said she was a huge fan of Rivers and Richard Pryor, and after seeing them, she knew that is what she wanted to do. She said even though she was very shy when she was a teenager, she had a feeling she would prevail doing comedy. Cho formerly of the Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva, says she was always inspired by great talent as a young teen. Insiders in the Cho camp are saying that she’s very sad and sullen and reflective on her failed marriage, the sources are saying she is taking the split very hard. There is no reason being given now for split, this is a developing story.





Donna Thomas

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