February 28, 2021

Giovanni John Palumbo is Shania Twain’s Stalker

Giovanni John Palumbo the Canadian Surgeon who has been stalking singer Shania Twain over the past years destroyed his career, marriage and probably his freedom as he plead guilty to one charge of criminal harassment and one charge of breach of recognizance for being within 500 yards of Twain.

Giovanni (John) Palumbo shania twain stalker photo

Shania Twain s crazy stalker is former doctor at the Montfort Hospital identified as 50 year-old Giovanni John Palumbo from Ottawa, Canada was happily married to Christel Palumbo mother of their children, Eva, Mario, Amelia and Leonardo. That was until their divorced was finalized last year after 16 years of marriage.

Giovanni Palumbo’s obsession with the famous singer began on 2003 when he saw her at Juno Awards at Scotiabank Place where she was a host. His ex-wife tried to talked him out of that insane obsession but he continuously said there wasn’t any, Mrs. Palumbo said she was a constant victim of violence by the hand of Giovanni who even  threaten to killed her once, she left him on 2008.

A year before he was charged with assault and uttering death threats against her He was convicted in April 2009 on both charges, receiving a conditional discharge,  two years probation and a 10 years  weapons ban, on August, 08 he was ordered to pay her t $6,800 in child support, but that rarely happened.

Dr. Palumbo obsession took him to the point that he transformed his home into a shrine of Shania…

“In the living room there was a piano with a music book on how to play her songs. He didn’t play the piano, so that was odd. In the buffet where we had our wedding photo he had put a picture of Shania. I found about 30 CDs with different photos of her.

“In the kitchen papers were everywhere with little notes, saying when she was going to be on TV. He videotaped everything that she was appearing on. In our bedroom he had pictures of her, and in the closet were Shania Twain T-shirts. My children’s bedrooms had big piles of magazines with Shania pictures, any magazine that had a picture of her he would cut out. There were pictures he had taken of her cottage. n his office I found his briefcase with love letters he had written to her. There were about 100 of them.”

Dr. Palumbo has send thousand of love letters to Shania over the past three years, on November 2009 he was charged with harassment and ordered to stay at least 500 yards from Twain, but he violated that when on March, 2011 he was among the spectator at the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards he arrested in the Air Canada Centre, those charges were later dropped after the singer declined to appear in Ottawa court to testify against him.

Giovanni Palumbo is devastated by hearing Shania said she feels his letters are frightening, because he is in love with her, so after hearing her declaration via video from an undisclosed location he decided he was going to plead guilty to one charge of criminal harassment and one charge of breach of recognizance for being within 500 yards of the singer at the Juno Awards last March, he was ordered to enter psychiatric evaluation before returning to his trial  on Oct. 18 if mental issues are the cause he will be send to a mental facility.

Giovanni palumbo shania twain stalker love letterspictureMUSIC Shania Trial 20110929Giovanni palumbo shania twain stalker love letters pictureMUSIC Shania Trial 20110929Giovanni palumbo shania twain stalker picture Giovanni (John) Palumbo shania twain stalker picGiovanni (John) Palumbo shania twain stalker photoGiovanni (John) Palumbo shania twain stalker pictureGiovanni (John) Palumbo shania twain stalker

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