October 25, 2020

Hannah Defoe Is Jermain Defoe’s Cousin

A sad news struck the life of Tottenham’s Striker Jermain Defoe and the rest of his family once again, his young, beautiful and loving cousin Hannah Defoe died in a tragic accident while on a holyday vacation in St. Lucia.

Jermain Defoe Cousin Hannah Defoe picture

Things has not been easy for the talented 29-year-old striker for Tottenham and the England National football team, Jermain Defoe and his family. They have suffered  the loss  of their love ones starting in 2006 his half-brother Jade died in a fight, on December 2011 his cousin Allan was killed in a robbery in St. Lucia, and just last month his beloved father Jimmy lost his battle with throat cancer, he was 49. Hannah’s death at such young age in in the shocking way she died is just hear breaking.

Hannah Defoe the daughter of Jermain’s uncle Matthew who is his father’s brother,  was apparently with her mother on vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, but when she dived in the hotel’s pool, Hannah was electrocuted, it is believed her body stayed in the pool for over an hour, her mother jumped in to save her, suffering a electric shock herself, she was being treated at the hospital.

20-year-old Hannah Defoe from Enfield, North London, a beautiful arts student at Performers College in Corringham, Essex, before that Hannah studied at Highlands School in Enfield. Hannah Defoe would have turned 21 next month. You can see some of Hanna’s last tweets on her Twitter here. Facebook here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this sad time.

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