January 18, 2021

Hannah Luce- Oral Roberts University/ Kansas Plane Crash Survivor

A miracle happened when Hannah Luce was pulled out of the plane she and other friends were flying in when it crashed in a cornfield in Kansas, her miracle  came along  with a friend that risked his life to save hers despite his severe injuries, Austin Anderson, a former marine who recently graduated with Hannah. Friends and family are not surprise by the act of heroism done by Austin who suffered burns to 90% of his body.

Hannah Luce Kansas Plane crash survivor pics

God works in mysterious ways, I know it is so difficult to understand why bad things happen, I not going to get into religion today, because we could stay on that subject forever, I know in my heart that Austin Anderson had an army of angels by his side when he pulled Hannah Luce out of that plane, those angels gave them the strength to walk to safety, I am sure those angels took him to heaven where he will continue to do all the amazing things he did to everybody who knew him, he was an amazing man, a hero and today he is an angel.

Hannah Luce has a long way to recovery, but she s not alone her beloved family is by her side, plus tons of people praying for her, she will be on her feet in no time, for the moment she mourns the tragic death of her friends Luke Sheets, 23, and two others Garrett Coble, 29, 22-year-old Stephen Luth who died in the Cessna 401, while 27 year-old Austin Anderson succumbed to his injuries at a Wichita hospital.

All of them were flying from Tulsa, Okla., to a Christian youth rally in Iowa when the aircraft into the field in Kansas, skilled 200ft into the tress, spinning 180 degrees and ultimately bursting into flames. Austin and Hannah just graduated from Oral Roberts University on May 5th.

22 year-old Hannah Nichole Luce is the beautiful, kind and intelligent daughter of Ron Luce founder of Teen Mania Ministries and his beloved wife, has two siblings brother and sister. Hannah comes from Garden Valley, Texas and currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After High School Ms. Luce flew to Sidney, Australia and entered Hillsong International Leadership College for her pastoral leadership, studied Church History and Historical Theology  and Art at Oral Roberts University and is pursuing her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University (OSU).

Hannah is in stable but serious condition at Kansas Hospital,she will undergo her for first grafts on burnt areas today. Hannah’s Luce father posted updates about her condition on Facebook, she is off the ventilator and getting ready for her grafts, he also said she told him.

‘I have all these burns,” her father said. “Then she said, ‘but I’m here. I’m here.’

Continue to pray for Hannah Luce and her recovery, we also would like to send our thoughts and prayers to  the families of those who lose their lives in this crash, we are deeply sadden by this tragedy.

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