October 30, 2020

Heather Milligan – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Therapist Girlfriend

See Heather Milligan here, According to media, Heather Milligan was spotted on a dinner date with Terminator actor and firmer California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, not it was not  his former maid and baby mama Mildred Baena but a stunning physical therapist identified as Heather Milligan who is or used to be married.

Heather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegger girlfriend

So far we assumed the former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger might be on his way to a new relationship, he was spotted on a dinner date with a young blonde woman that to tell you the truth at first sight I thought it was Hugh Hefner former girlfriend Brigitte, but her name is Heather Milligan a physical therapist 25 years his junior.

Read detailed bio on Heather Milligan in fandaily including info about an alleged husband, but we can tell you that she lived in Texas before relocating to Los Angeles, Cali, the  treatment she offers are for back problems, Ankle Problem, Hip Problems, Braces, Knee Problems, Sports Injury, Elbow Problem, Mobility Therapy, Heart Strengthening Recovery, Post-operative Physical Therapy, Neck Problem, Wrist Problems, Pediatric Physical Therapy. And we were told she also works for the NFL.

Heather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegger girlfriend picsHeather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegger girlfriend pictureHeather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegger girlfriend picturesHeather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegger girlfriend

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