October 28, 2020

Hollie C- Australian Girl injured at Drake and Chris Brown’s Bar fight

a young tourist from Australia was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Hollie C the 20 something girl who got her head cut during the bottle brawl between rapper drake and Chris Brown at W.i.P. night club last night.

chris-brown-drake-fight-club-aftermath pics

24 year-old Hollie C got an ugly cut on her  hairline  as the result of the fight between Drake and Chris Brown, even though drake stated he had nothing to do about it. According to media Drake was in one side of W.i.P. and Chris was on the other, but then Drake came to the middle and exchanged some words with someone, witnesses said drake  send a note to Brown that said I’m fu***g the Love of your life, deal with it”

“They were on opposite sides of the room, Drake went over to the middle of the club to talk to someone, then words were exchanged with Chris and his entourage,” the source said.

“It looked like Drake’s entourage started it. Both Chris and Drake had their own security with them. “Once the bottle was thrown, all hell broke loose and there were more bottles thrown.”

It was the that Chris’s bodyguard Big Pat was injured, so was Hollie c and  according to media so were two more people.

Hollie C talked to TMZ and told them all the events that happened that night,  went to the hospital, got 16 stitches, got on the train, she already filed a police report.

“Within a few moments of noticing glass being thrown around, I saw a glass bottle headed towards me; consequently hitting me in the head. I immediately started to bleed and proceeded to fall in and out of consciousness.”

“I had to take the subway home with no money or jacket. Nobody would even sit beside me. My friends were so scared because they did not know where I was.”

chris brown bodyguard big pat injury after bar fightchris-brown-drake-fight-club-aftermath picchris-brown-drake-fight-club-aftermath picschris-brown-drake-fight-club-aftermath pictureshollie c drake chris brown bar fight victim picturechris-brown-drake-fight-club-aftermath picturehollie c drake chris brown bar fight victim pichollie c drake chris brown bar fight victim

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