January 23, 2021

Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Jenner Company!

It didn’t take Kris Jenner, 59, long to find a new love interest. Corey Gamble, who is part of the road crew of pop star Justin Bieber, is only 33. Gamble is younger than Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Jenner’s two oldest children with her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian. jennergamble

Gamble is an Atlanta, Georgia native and was a stand out athlete at Westlake High School in Atlanta. Jenner announced earlier this year that she was divorcing her husband of 22 years Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic athlete and national pitch man. Gamble was known as ‘Mr Dependable’ by his friends and teammates. Jenner and her new man have been seen cavorting in Mexico with some of her famous kids, and yesterday they were turning on the PDA’s at lunch in Southern California. Gamble has a rather impressive resume. Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Kris Jenner Company wiki bio photos 2Although Gamble had an excellent football performance during his years at Westlake High School, it didn’t translate into a football scholarship. After he graduated from high school, he went on to Morehouse College in Atlanta. He graduated from Morehouse with a degree in Business Management in 2003. After graduating he decided to head west to start a career as a behind the scenes wheeler/dealer in the music industry. Gamble appears to have been warmly embraced by the famous Jenner Kardashian clan. The couple vacationed together with Kim Kardashian and husband rapper Kanye West.Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Kris Jenner Company wiki bio photos

Gamble has several pictures of himself with his boss Justin Bieber, all over his various social media accounts. Prior to his public outings with Jenner he seemed to have been living large, due in part to his association with Bieber. There were plenty of pictures of Gamble getting onto private jets, and staying at five star luxury hotels. It is said he doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and prefers a much more under the radar type of lifestyle. Friends of Gamble’s are speaking out and saying that he was very focused in high school and always had his eye on the future. Even though he was a standout athlete he was very focused on his academic future. He was very honored to be attending Morehouse. A college that has some famous and distinguished ¬†former students. Like Spike Lee, and Martin Luther King Jr. He left shortly after graduating, and has been in California the last 11 years. Not much is now about his work experience, he is entangled with Bieber, because the two are pictured in a lot of shots together. Gamble has a professional profile on Linkedin, where he lists himself as ‘self employed’. He interestingly only has 54 contacts on there. His involvement with Jenner is fairly recent, the two first photographed together at the Casa Vega eatery in Sherman Oaks, not far from Jenner’s Calabasas mansion. Gamble also accompanied Jenner on a private jet to the Las Vegas 34th birthday party of Kim Kardashian on October 21st. She gave an interview to E’s Giuliana Ranic earlier this year and said “I definitely want to be in love,”


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