February 28, 2021

Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-Un’s Ex Girlfriend, 8 Facts You Should Know!

Hyon Song-wol is Kim Jong-Un, the former North Korean dictator’s former girlfriend. It was rumored that Hyon Song Wol had last year been executed by the firing squad and was recently spotted speaking at a convention at Pyongyang with this being shown by pictures released by KCTV a North Korean broadcaster. Below are 8 facts what you should know about her.Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-Un's Ex Girlfriend, 8 Facts You Should Know wiki bio photos 4

1. She was in an illicit affair with Kim Jong-Un

For around ten years, Kim Jong-Un dated Hyon prior to getting married and it is reported by the Independent that the pair have gotten to know each other since they were kids. It was reported in 2012 by the Daily Telegraph that both of them met when Kim Jong-Un was in Berne, Switzerland on vacation from his boarding school. It is Kim Jong-II, the dictator’s late father who told him to break off his relationship with Hyon.

2. A soldier was what Hyon later married. It is reported by the daily telegraph that Hyon had a baby with an officer in the military. In spite of being married to different people, rumors have it that Hyon and Kim Jong-Un moved on with an affair even after Kim Jong-II’s sudden death in December 2011.

3. According to The Independent, Kim Jong-Un was accompanied by Hyon at an instance in 2012. The Joongan Daily, a South Korean newspaper reports that in 2006 was when she first disappeared from public life. This made a coincidence with the time it was clarified that Kim Jong-Un was the Successor his father preferred to the North Korean throne. The newspaper goes ahead to say that for the first time in seven years, she was seen in public on March 2012 at an International Women’s Day event in Pyongyang where the news outlet says she was heavily pregnant.

4. Before marriage, Ri Sol-ju Kim’s wife was an Unhasu Orchestra member and it is reported that Ri made an objection to her husband’s former girlfriend’s continuing rising profile.

5. She was known for patriotic songs

Hyon had great fame throughout the North Korea for the patriotic songs she sang which were in celebration of Kim Jong-Un and his dynasty. In a PR event designed to reveal Jong Un’s openness to the west in 2012, the despotic leader was seen at a performance by Hyon where she sang Disney songs. It was reported that in 2012, a high-rank’s art ministry government position had been given to her. “Footsteps of Soldiers” and “I Love Pyongyang” are her most popular songs.

6. She was rumored to have accused of making and selling porno movies

Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-Un's Ex Girlfriend, 7 Facts You Should Know wiki bio photos

7. “Excellent Horse like Lady” the most popular in her 2005 hit.

Excellent Horse-Like Lady (2005) by Hyon Song-wol

Excellent Horse-Like Lady lyrics translation

“our factory comrades say in jest,
“why they tell me i am a virgin on a stallion
“after a full day’s work i still have energy left
“my skills are truly like lightening they say
“they say i am a virgin on a stallion
“yet again today i was the first to leave for work
“apparently my name was in the paper
“in a xx time
“an award given to youth who live in flight
“they say i am a virgin on a stallion
“the party era is teeming with creation
“a new name they present to youth
“mounting a stallion the dear leader gave me
“all my life i will live to uphold his name
“they say i am a virgin on a stallion
“mounting a stallion my dear leader gave me
“all my life i will live to uphold his name”

8. It is purported that a video uploaded to Chinese video host is Hyon Song Wol’s pornographic video. It was said that the video was not really a sex tape but a routine dance set to Elvis Presley’s “Aloha Oe.” Kelvin Morris says that it was a video of three Korean women dancing along to tiny Western Music.

Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-Un's Ex Girlfriend, 8 Facts You Should Know wiki bio photos 2

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