December 3, 2020

I Feel Like a Chihuahua on a Red Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence

1364416966_jennifer-lawrence-lgShe may be a big Hollywood actress, an Oscar winner at that, but Jennifer Lawrence still feels extremely nervous while going to receive an award. The beautiful damsel, who is all set to star in a movie that is an adaptation of The Hunger Games, still cannot get over her nerves while moving on the red carpet. Talking to David Letterman, Jennifer accepted that she has tripped on 2 out of 5 red carpet walks till date, and both of them had been massive trips.

images (1)The interviews given by Jennifer Lawrence have gone down well with the common people who are fed up with the arrogance shown by other Hollywood celebrities. She has been able to relate to the common people and her candid remarks been well received by her fans. In fact, she has earned thousands of new fans with her humor and a personality that is a refreshing change from the rest of the Hollywood stars. But the beautiful actress is quick to point out that she may appear candid and carefree because of her remarks but she is a nervous wreck whenever she is the centre of attraction in a ceremony. She is at home however, when she is playing a character while shooting for a movie.

In a recent interview given to ‘Fabulous’ magazine published from UK, Jennifer admitted that she might well remain scared all her life behaving like a Chihuahua. This is because being a centre of attraction is not her cup of tea and she just does not feel like being in a zone of comfort when everyone is looking at her and media men are all ready with their lenses to capture all her moves. She added that she is most comfortable when she is making movies as that is where she belongs. But the moment she is made to walk on a red carpet, she becomes a Chihuahua.

The Hollywood actress who won an Oscar for her riveting performance in The Silver Linings Playbook says that she does imagesnot have control over her mouth and says what she feels. Despite being a celebrity, she is one Hollywood actress who is loved by her fans for being attached to her roots. The 22 year old actress has just had a split with British actor Nicholas Hoult. She says that it is her family and friends, who have nothing to do with movies and glamour world, who keep her firmly rooted to the ground. She says that is not for a moment made to feel like she is very famous or a celebrity by her friends. This is what she loves about her family and friends. In fact, it is when she sees something different in the eyes of those she talks to that makes her feel weird.

The Oscar winner says that she realizes that the past one year and the events in her life have been nothing less than a dream and she is still overwhelmed by the turn of events, though in a wonderful way.