January 15, 2021

Is actress Sarah Howard Gerard Butler’s Affair?

We have been hearing that Gerard Butler had an affair with a married actress last year, that contributed to the end of her first marriage, that’s not all she cheated on her first hubby with Dave Navarro that contributed to end of his marriage with Carmen Electra, two names comes to my mind Jenae Alt but my best guess is Sarah Howard, so is she really the woman Gerard Butler had an affair with?

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Let’s go a little back in time to 2006 when Dave Navarro affair ended his marriage to sexy Carmen Electra, it was rumored that Dave and Sarah Howard met in January, 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, they allegedly began their affair that month and lasted for about 4 month. Carmen filed for divorce in July. Apparently Dave’s affair with Howard was the last drop in Carmen’s glass it was also rumored he had an affair with Jenae Alt and Casey Durkin.

We don’t know what else happened to Sarah Howard after that but her name has surface once again, if we are it wrong and she is the married actress who had an affair with Gerard Butler, lasted for several months, promised her hubby to end things with Butler, he forgave her, but she continue to sleep with Butler, who didn’t want anything serious with her, she filed for divorced and pursue an uninterested Gerard, at least that was  what a source close to the woman told Radar Online..

They would exchange heated text messages, emails and phone calls. She would drop anything to be with Gerard.

‘The two would hook up at his hotel when he was in Los Angeles.’

‘She told her husband she would end things with Gerard and he agreed to give her another chance. However, the affair continued and she decided to file for divorce. [She] thought Gerard wanted to be in a relationship with her but then she found out he was involved with other girls, and hadn’t been exactly honest with her about what was going on in his life.”

In case is Sarah then her first husband  found she was divorcing her second husband, but didn’t know why..  “I was unaware of any relationship she had with Gerard Butler. She called me a couple of weeks ago crying and saying she was getting divorced, but I had no idea why. Her current husband was really good with our son, and my son really loves him. [Name redacted] and our son come to Michigan every summer and stay with me. She is a great mother, but maybe not so good when it comes to romantic relationships.”

‘She hasn’t been in touch with him since he decided to go to rehab. Gerard obviously moved on but she is now going through a divorce and trying to support her son (from a previous relationship).’

But is this woman actress Sarah Howard? there is a good chance she is, so here is a little  info we found about Sarah..

Back on 2001 she was a production assistant at Jackpot, in 2003 she portrayed a publicist in Death of a Dynasty, and four years later starred in Meet Bill as Becky along Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba.

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