January 25, 2021

Is Alyce Crawford Leonardo DiCaprio’s Newest model Girlfriend

So long Blake Lively hello Alyce Crawford, according to rumors Leonardo DiCaprio has return to his dating models days and the lucky girl is Australia’s Next Top Model Alyce Crawford, who has been dating the Inception actor for a few week now.

Sadly Alyce Crawford didn’t win  the  4 Cycle of  Australia’s Next Top Model Contest on 2008 she was eliminated during  the Fashion Wards on the 8th week in June 10, the winner was actually Demelza Reveley from  New South Wales, but  it is Alyce who won Leonardo’s heart. I wonder what his mother would say, do you think she will like her  more than Blake? Leo and Lively  split up news was released just a few days ago.

Anyways let ‘me tell you a little bit about 21 year-old Alyce Crawford, she was born in Kiama, New South Wales on March 13th, 1990.  standing at 5’8” this stunning blue eyed beauty has been modeling since a very young age, when she was just finishing school she was also working at Brumby’s Bakery in her hometown. Her plans were to study Journalism and public relationships. Once admitted about never dieting or excising while she  is not a vegetarian, she doesn’t like to eat meat except for chicken nuggets.

As for her relationship with Leonardo, let me tell you that Leonardo who is filming The Great Gatsby arrived in Australia in August while he and Blake were still dating,  then he met Alyce at Kings Cross hotspot Beach Haus, and have been dating for two week already.

It has been said that whenever he want to see her  he text her and she come over, the reason might be because he doesn’t want media to start  seeing them together.

“It’s been going on about two weeks. He texts her when he wants to see her and they hook up a few times a week. They’ve mostly been meeting up during the week. He does other things on weekends. She’s been to The Star to visit but he is too smart to be seen with her in public.”

When Alyce was question by Australian media she denied dating Leonardo, but did said they were friends with lot of friends in common and that he was a lovely, lovely  guy.

“We have a lot of mutual friends and he seems really nice. We’re just friends,”

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