March 5, 2021

Is Carla DiBello Kobe Bryant’s Girlfriend/ Mistress?

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from her NBA husband Kobe Bryant, she said Kobe cheated on her with multiple women, one of them is believe to be Kim Kardashian’s friend Carla DiBello is she Kobe Bryant’s mistress turned new girlfriend?

27 year-old Carla DiBello is allegedly Kobe Bryant’s girlfriend, it has been rumored DiBello and Bryant have been secretly dating while he was  still together with wife for 10 years Vanessa Lane Bryant who filed for divorce this week.

Rumors about Kobe multiple  affairs with  multiple women were allegedly the cause for the couple’s breakup, a source close to Vanessa talked to TMZ and told them that Vanessa has known of Kobe’s affair with women over the years but is his latest affair that pushed her over the edge..

“What’s ironic … is that Vanessa still loves Kobe — but she just can’t stand his infidelities anymore,”

This latest affair might be the one he has been having with Kim K’s BFF Carla DiBello who has been friends with the famous Kardashian for years, she also happens to be a producer on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kourtney & Kim Take New York, before that she was director of strategic relations for SBE Group and an assistant at a Las Vegas Hotel Casino owned by Steve Wynn and associate producer at television series The Spin Crowd.

In the past we have seen Carla DiBello as an assistant at the 2006 film 16 Blocks, that same year she was an assistant to producer ay Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Black Dahlia and the Wicker Man, The Contract and Home Of The Brave.

In 2007 we saw DiBello as an assistant at King Of California, 88 Minutes, The Death and Life Of Bobby Z and a year later at Street Kings.

Rumors said Carla DiBello and Kobe have been friend for a couple of years, it was until recently that they moved into something more,  they added that Carla has been spotted outside several Lakers games.

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Claudia Jordan's 35th Birthday Bash at Boulevard 3
Hollywood, California - 13.04.08
Credit: (Mandatory): Rachel Worth / WENNCarla DiBello Kobe Bryant girlfriend-imageCarla DiBello Kobe Bryant girlfriend-picCarla DiBello Kobe Bryant girlfriend-picsCarla DiBello Kobe Bryant girlfriend-picture

In Carla’s twitter pic she has one pic of a bottle of Nutella, one of Kobe’s former sponsors, she added the caption Baby I Love YOU!! coincidence?

Carla DiBello Kobe Bryant girlfriend-pictures

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