March 7, 2021

Is Gavin Rossdale having an affair with his nanny??

A picture emerged today where Gwen Stefani’s hubby former Bush front man Gavin  Rossdale hiking with his two sons and their hot nanny, that was not the problem, but Rossdale’s hand on the nanny’s derriere, so we wonder are we going to hear about an affair between Rossdale and his young, blonde, busty nanny?

Gavin Rossdale blonde nanny

47-year-old Gavin Rossdale a doting dad to his sons 6-year-old Kingston and 4-year-old Zuma and their nanny went for hike in West Hollywood, California on November 25, it was while their walk that Gavin was spotted placing his hand on the nanny’s lower back, perhaps a bit too lower and rumors about a possible affair between then have started.

The sexy nanny whose name remains unknown has been working for the Rossdales for quite some time, here are the infamous pictures and few others.

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Sexy nanny out and about with the kids Gavin and Gwen..

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