November 23, 2020

Is Jewelry Designer Courtney Crangi J. Crew Jenna Lyons’ Secret Girlfriend?

You must remember not long ago we heard about J.Crew president and Executive Designer Jenna Lyons left he husband Vincent Mazeau because she  was in love with a woman, sources are saying Lyons’ lesbian girlfriend is Courtney Crangi sister of the famous jewelry designer Philip  Crangi, so is she really?

Jenna Lyons girlfriend  Courtney Crangi pictures

It was just on Wednesday that we brought you the story about Jenna Lyons’ husband artist Vincent Mazeau, who she left for a woman, after 9 years of marriage and a five year-old son, althought at that moment nobody knew who was the woman Lyons was in love with, and with whom she was allegedly already living with.

The New York Post the pioneers in Lyons’s messy divorce news once again have come out with a great news and as you can imagine it included Jenna’s lesbian girlfriend’ name, they said that woman  might be Philip Crangi sister and business partner Courtney Crangi, who by the way is very attractive and is about Courtney who we are going to learn just a little.. so would you like to read about her? I thought you’ll say that!!

38 year-old Courtney Crangi is Philip Crangi’s sister, he al you probably know already is the chic jewelry designer whose Giles & Brother line is for sale in many renowned stores like Bergdorf Goodman his store open its doors on 2009,  it is there where his sister Courtney works and serves as his business partner.

Courtney Crangi a mother of three met Lyons a few years ago, they have been photographed together zillion of times more recently on June when both attended  the WSJ OFF DUTY Summer Solstice Celebration with Lyons’ son Beckett and Courtney’ daughter Coco., both women been involved in fashion and friends no big deal, but apparently it was as Courtney has been identified as Jenna’s girlfriend by media.

After the breakup, Jenna fell in love with Courtney, whom she had been friends with for some time. They’ve known each other for years through the fashion business. Courtney is an attractive blonde who balances working hard with her family. She has been by Jenna’s side through the whole messy divorce

Courtney Crangi went to St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, Florida, ever since she was in lower school she played Lacrosse, after her high school graduation on 1991 she went to Goucher in Baltimore, Maryland where she won an Academic All American for her outstanding performance in  their Women’s Field Hockey and Lacrosse Team, Crangi graduated with honors on 1996. For some time Courtney was PHC Restorations Inc’s president, while Courtney has been gay for like forever, she used to be involved with Sheri Zerkle who on 2009 was managing Philip’s store. She has three children son Casey, daughter Coco and so sorry but I found zero info about Courtney Crangi’s third child or former love partners except for Sheri.

How do you feel about Jenna Lyons lesbian revelation and her relationship with girlfriend Courtney Crangi? not everybody is happy about it, Fox News is not fancy it either I gotta say.


Jenna Lyons girlfriend  Courtney Crangi pictureCourtney_Crangi__Jenna_Lyons_Girlfriend-picsCourtney_Crangi__Jenna_Lyons_Girlfriend-pictureCourtney_Crangi__Jenna_Lyons_Girlfriend-picturesCourtney_Crangi__Sheri_Zerckle-ex_Girlfriend-picsCourtney_Crangi__Jenna_Lyons_Girlfriend-photosJenna Lyons girlfriend  Courtney Crangi photoJENNA-LYONS-lesbian-girlfriend-COURTNEY-CRANGICourtney_Crangi__Jenna_Lyons_Girlfriend-image

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