March 4, 2021

Is Jaden Smith Kylie Jenner’ New Boyfriend?


Well what have we got here!! Real puppy love or perhaps another of momager Kris Jenner’s tactics to make her children shine under the tabloid’s spotlight??

Kylie Jenner Jaden Smith dating photo

Could it be these two teen stars are dating?? Although is not confirmed yet they have been spotted grabbing lunch together in London and enjoying of each others company while getting dinner at sushi place Nobu. But no worries, they were well supervised by Mr. Smith himself!

And don’t get me wrong I’m all up for looove and couples getting together and as traumatic as it is for parents you want to be on your teens best side so not getting other choice and being a parent of a child star might as well go with the flow so kudos for Will there.

Now one thing is to hang out and share fun moments with a friend but what if this friend has also been previously involved with your sister!!? That is the case here …remember when during last November Jaden was thought to be dating Kyle’s older twin sister Kendall??? Well Jaden, decide already which one you like best!! Is big no no to be playing with both sisters, specially under the public eye and another little peace of advice just remember this girls have all the Kardashian Klan behind them plus an Olympian dad! Don’t want to mess with that!

Now there is another issue here, what about the age difference? Oh wait it’s only one year right! Kylie is 15 while Jaden is 14 years old, I think someone might be following on Bieber’s footsteps! Although to be completely honest Kylie does look older for her age…guess the kardashian genetics are kicking in huh! And hard to resist!

Would you root for them?? Think they make a cute couple?? Only time would tell. Have in mind they have been friends forever and sometimes friendship can turn into something else.

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