March 6, 2021

Is Philippe Loret Adolf Hitler Grandson? (wiki, photos, bio, videos)

Philippe Loret is the French man who claimed his father told him he and his siblings were the grandchildren of Adolf Hitler, but is it true? Is there any proof that can back him up? Who really is Philippe Loret?

Adolf Hitler grandson Philippe Loret  pic

Philippe Loret was 16 when his father told him and his six siblings Adolf Hitler was their grandfather..

“Suddenly my father said, “Kids, I’ve got something to tell you. Your grandfather is Adolf Hitler,” ’ explains Philippe. ‘There was stunned silence as no one knew what to say. We didn’t know how to react.”

40 years later now at age 56 Philippe Loret suffering from a heart condition worked for 34 years as a plumber for the French Air Force, Cazaux, near Bordeaux, he is the son of Jean-Marie Loret and Muguette Dubecq, (Jean- Marie’s second wife, his first was Jacqueline mother of Loret’s three eldest siblings) his parents five daughters and two sons. Jean- Marie’s mother  was Charlotte Eudoxie Alida Lobjoie aka Charlotte Lobjoie who met Hiltler when she was 16 and he was in his 28 and a German corporal fighting in northern France in her memoir she wrote her son was conceived June 1917, he was born on March 25, 1918, in Seboncourt, 12 miles north of St Quentin.

According to Philippe Loret his father who grew up with his maternal grandparents until their death, and was later adopted by a a family arraigned by a German nun Sister Marie Theodosie who worked by Hitler, and who run the clinic where Charlotte gave birth to Jean-Marie

My father told me the relationship lasted for only a few months. Hitler came under gas attack and went back to Germany to recover. He came back again for a few months and left again for Germany, and she never saw him again.

‘My father said Hitler was a good lover and was gentle with my grandmother. But apparently he was a jealous person and did not like other men giving her the eye. As far as I know he never had any sexual perversions – I don’t want to make him more than the monster he is.’

Charlotte died on 1951 before her death Jean-Marie spend some time living with her, during that time she told him about who his father was..

‘My father was re-acquainted with his mother by German officers during the Occupation. He even spent a week living with her at her apartment. That’s when she told him his father was Hitler, not on her death-bed as some have reported.

‘My father told me he heard from his mother how German soldiers used to bring her money on a regular basis. It didn’t help her to become rich, but she lived on it.’

After her death, Jean-Marie found evidence in her attic that proved she and Hitler had a relationship. Like the paintings of her signed by Hitler. Jean-Marie Loret died  at the age of 65 on 1985,

As for Philippe Loret who might or might not be Adolf Hitler’s grandson, he got married to his wife Rosalyn in 1977, he was 19 and she was 21, they had three children together, Rosalyn died in 1991, He is now with his partner 46 year-old Veronique a school caretaker, whose father didn’t know about Loret’s family  because he was inured during World War II, her mother who still lives, knows but does not accept it.

And Philippe, he  feels proud to be Hitler’s grandson..

‘I’ve been a law-abiding French citizen all my life. I learned that from my family. I am not a bad person, and what he did had nothing to do with me. It was another time. We weren’t there when all this happened. Maybe the people around him manipulated him to do all the nasty things. Maybe he was not even aware that such nasty things were happening.

‘What Hitler did to the Jews was wrong. But some of the things Hitler did were admirable – he brought Germany back from collapse after the Treaty of Versailles. He built the country up with roads and highways.’

You can read more about Philippe Loret’s story at the DailyMail.

Last month a French paper published a story about Philippe, who caught two men stealing at  his cellar.

Jean-Marie Loret Adolf Hitler son picJean-Marie Loret Adolf Hitler sonPhilippe Loret Adolf Hitler grandsonPhilippe Loret Adolf Hitler grandson photoPhilippe Loret Adolf Hitler grandson picPhilippe Loret Adolf Hitler grandson pictureCharlotte Lobjoie Jean Marie Loret mother picCharlotte Lobjoie Jean Marie Loret mother

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