November 24, 2020

Jackie Stallone HUGE Lips At the Expendables 2! (PHOTOS)

Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie Stallone showed off at the Expendables 2 premiere, but the only thing people saw of Jackie were her horrific, huge lips!!

younger Jackie Stallone

90-year-old Jackie Stallone used to be an elegant, exotic and gorgeous woman when she was young, I have seen women getting old and still look beautiful like for example Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren and adorable Betty white, but I think the tremendous mistake Jackie Stallone did to her beautiful face were the results of several plastic surgeries gone awfully wrong

Jackie Stallone plastic surgery photoJackie Stallone plastic surgery pictureJackie Stallone plastic surgery picturesJackie Stallone plastic surgery picsJackie Stallone plastic surgery photosJackie Stallone plastic surgery

Her lips have been inflated for several years already, I wonder how many lip injections she had over the years, or how many on the premiere of The Expendables 2, her inflated trout pout looked awful!

Jackie Stallone  gigant lips photosJackie Stallone big  lips photosJackie Stallone inflated lips picsJackie Stallone lips surgery photto

Sorry for he harsh comments Jackie, but she sort of reminds me of that 22-year-old Russian girl Kristina Rei, do you remember her?  check her here.


Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Video

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