October 26, 2020

James Terrano is Amanda Knox New Boyfriend

James Terrano is the new boyfriend of Amanda Knox, also known as Foxy Knoxy, has been seen  in the arms of a handsome man, for some time his name remained a mystery but not anymore his name is James Terrano, Check his story below.


Some people thought Amanda Knox would get back into dating her hometown boyfriend David Johnsrud with whom she kept in touch even when she was in jail in Italy, he was once spotted at one of her trials, you probably remember some of the letters they exchanged were leaked online.

After Amanda Knox was released and arrived home, some others even said she might reunite with Raffaele Sollecito, but her father said that even thought they send Raffaele a invitation to visit them at home in the United States, Amanda was just not interested in dating for the moment, but I guess Amanda is ready now and she choose some cute guy, they were spotted three days ago in Seattle, he had his arm around her neck but at that moment his identify  was a mystery, I guess that wouldn’t last long ‘cause we know who  is that handsome guy by Knoxy’s side his name is James Terrano.

But James Terrano is no new guy in he  life apparently he is an old friend and a 24 year-old classic  music student specializing in guitar at the University of Washington before that he went at Bronx High School of Science where he graduated on 2005, her older brother 27 year-old William a nuclear physicist confirmed James and Amanda are in fact dating he added they have known  Amanda and her family for years..

James Terrano brother William Terrano

‘Yes, she’s dating my brother. They have known each other for years. We’ve all been friends since before Amanda went to Italy.’

As for them? none said anything when they were questioned on the day they emerged from his apartment in Chinatown separately, Amanda said she couldn’t said anything and James said he was sorry, the dailymail suggested Amanda and her new beau James Terrano are living together. His family comes from Manhattan, New York and as far as I have been digging they are pretty modest, humble, kind family.

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One thought on “James Terrano is Amanda Knox New Boyfriend

  1. Hehehe “James” … anybody remeber him?

    Wasn’t he already inside her leaked diary?

    “James – checks regulary and always used a condom”

    Nice one. Back to the roots for Foxy Knoxy … 😉

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