December 1, 2020

Jason Halman is Mariners Greg Halman Brother

Meet Jason Halman he is Dutch MLB player Greg Halman brother and according to reports today Jason is also his brother’s murderer, Did he really killed Greg?

greg Halman brother Jason Halman

22 year-old Jason Halman is former Seattle Mariners Outfielder Greg Halman, like his older brother and his father Danny Halman, Jason is too baseball player in Netherlands, he also has two sisters Pamela and Naomi Rebecca who used to play basketball at college in the U.S she is back in Netherlands currently dating another basketball player Kostas Kakaroudis.

Jason Halman and brother Greg were born in Haarlem, Netherlands. Greg graduated from Mendel College in 2004, by the time he was 16 he made his debut with Haarlem’s famous team Corendon, Kimheim. When he was 17 he  became the Mariners new free agent rookie, but it was until last year that Halman made his MLB debut in the meantime he played with the Mariners minor league the Arizona League Mariners. He also played in Netherlands along the Double-A West Tennessee.

As for Jason we know that tragically he was arrested after his brother was stabbed to death in his home in Rotterdam, Netherlands, allegedly by Jason’s hand. This is the statement given by Rotterdam Police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels

“He is under arrest and right now he is being questioned. It will take some time to figure out what exactly happened.”

Paramedics tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Greg but it was impossible.

Baseball catcher Jason Halman was born in February 28, 1989, played with the Corendon Kinheim, he bats and throws right. He played at the 2004 World Junior Championship, 2008 Holland Series and the 2009 European Cup, he was named MVP in the Netherlands twice. At age 16 he made  his debut with L&D Amsterdam,  in 2006 he played with the Almere Mgpies and ADO a year later. His father 69 year-old Eddy Halman was born in the Antilles,Aruba, but he went to played in Netherlands in 1979 where he ended up living until this day.

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  1. Back in 1999 at Ramstein Germany at a baseball tournament these to young stay with me and my family for a week.. They were the best guys from a nother counrty i have ever been around. It was nice to learn their way of life as they learn our.. This sad to hear. We often wonder what was they doing after we were reasigned to the States.. The Lewis Family

  2. Gregory Anthony “Greg” Halman, hopi pica mes pa un mucha jong asina cu tur bida su dilanti, y un tremendo prospecto. Wel sigur e la cumpli cu un di su sonjonan cual ta hunga den grandes liga, pero su bida a wordo corta demasiado trempan. Y si ta asina cu e la wordo asesina pa su propio ruman, esei ta hasi e situacion uno mucho mas tristo. Forsa na su famia, y cu Gregory Anthony “Greg” Halman sosega na paz.

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