March 3, 2021

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, Cheryl Cole’s New Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, Cheryl Cole’s new boyfriend! It has been rumored that Geordie beauty Cheryl Cole has a new man in the shape of Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, a French hottie. It is said that the pair, while soaking up at atmosphere at Cosy Box restaurant, partied together at the Cannes Film Festival. It is believed that just over a month ago, the X-factor judge started dating her newest love interest.Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, Cheryl Cole s New Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (photos, wiki, bio)

So far, this is what is known about Cheryl’s new beau…

Considering that she is unable to speak French, it might be a bit awkward, but with a fancy name like Jean-Bernard Fernandez- Versini, she is sure to improve her accent.

1. He is 33 years old

2. He is a restaurateur

3. He is French.

It is said that the couple made their coupling public in the businessman’s luxurious Cosy Box restaurant, during the Cannes Film Festival.

4. He was a student at New York University

In his time at NYU, while being in his 20’s, he developed a reputation as a ladies’ man.

A student who “summers on the Riviera, spends winter vacations in St Bart’s”, while taking a whole year off to party, is how this Frenchman has been described.

5. He’s a ladies’ man

Since he regularly partied with “an entourage of models”, Jean had a reputation as a ladies’ man, as claimed in an article in New York Times in 2002.

6. There is “ great chemistry between them”

7. They were pictured together at a restaurant in Cannes last week, and he splits his time between St Barts and French Riviera.

8. Moet champagne and Ketel One Vodka are his favorite tipples.

9. He’s been focusing on his pop-up restaurant business since 2008.

10. Since her split from unfaithful Ashley Cole, he is her third lover after Derek Hough and Tre Holloway.