March 4, 2021

Jenelle Evans Arrested History: Drug Procession, Violating Probation and Drug Paraphernalia (photos)

Jenelle Evans arrested history: Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 star has been arrested for 3 times for Drug Procession, Violating Probation and Drug Paraphernalia, seems she has too much trouble in recent years! Just look below…

Jenelle Evans Arrested in 2010

Jenelle Evans was arrested in 2010 April for drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to 1 year probation. After Jenelle was arrested, she was tested positive for opiates and marijuana, then she was sent to the jail but not too long, just after on a $10,000 bond, she was released shortly.

Jenelle Evans Arrested in 2011

Jenelle Evans Arrested in 2011 for violating her probation in North Carolina.

jenelle-evans-arrested 2011

She didn’t prevent herself from the troubles, just a year later, she was arrested again in 2011 for violating her probation in North Carolina.

Jenelle Evans arrested in 2013 for Drug Procession
Jenelle Evans, now 21 year old mom, was just arrested in for heroin possession and this is less than 2 years from her second arrest.
Jenelle Evans Arrested in 2013
Jenelle Evans, 23 years old, and husband Courtland Rogers, 27 years old, will not be allowed to communicate at all until their court case is resolved. Credit: Splash News

Jenelle Evans is starting to feel the full weight of her apparent actions. The Teen Mom 2 star,

Jenelle Evans was taken into custody in Apr. 23, for 2 charges. One is for drug possession because policies found 12 bindles of heroin and other illegal substances and drug paraphernalia at Jenelle Evans’s place. The other is charging of assault on Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans’s husband. Now Jenelle Evans is not allowed to speak with Courtland Rogers. According to Jenelle Evans’ lawyer Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle Evans was also facing the serious criminal charges and as high as $20,000 bond.

“Jenelle was brought into the courtroom [yesterday], she didn’t have regular jail garb on, they had just brought her from virtually off the street. They did a bond hearing and set her bond and then set the court dates. Her bond was set at $10,000 for simple assault and $10,000 for possession of heroin.” Dustin Sullivan told Usmagazine.

Dustin Sullivan also said Jenelle crying at the court

“She was crying, you could hear her crying in court from the other side of the courtroom.”

Besides drug procession, Jenelle Evans was also charged with multiple assault such as striking Rogers with a piece of furniture during their argument. Now they are not allowed to see with each other.

“Courtland and Jenelle are not allowed to have any contact with each other whatsoever, even as husband and wife, that is going to stay in place until the case is resolved or unless the judge changes that order. And I’m confident that there will not be any judge to change that order.”

He added it would difficult route if they want a divorce. It’s quite possible as the divorce had been discussed.

“It could be months,” he said. And if the couple decides they want a divorce, which “has not been discussed,” “In North Carolina, you have to have a one-year separation period before you’re eligible to even become divorced.” – He told Usmagazine.

Now the girl will find $20K to bail herself out as her first time arrested?! She is not a little girl now! She needs to take responsibility for herself!