March 6, 2021

Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourney) Youtube Sensation Keeps Raking In The Cash!

Jenna Mourney, 28, better known by her YouTube name, Jenna Marbles, is a self made millionaire. It’s estimated that the New York native takes in more than 2 millions dollars a year from advertisement money generated from her ever so popular YouTube channel. She has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel which makes it the most successful channel owned by a woman. Her videos have been viewed close to two billion times. The name ‘Marbles’ come from her pet dog ‘Mr. Marbles’.

Marbles also owns a successful line of dog toys called, ‘Kermie, Worm & Mr. Marbles.” She also makes television appearances on a variety of shows, like ‘Ricdiculousness’ on MTV. Before she hit it big on YouTube, Marbles worked a string of low paying jobs, including tending bar, a clerk at a tanning salon, and go-go dancing. Marbles recently discussed her unexpected YouTube success. She appeared on the ‘Whats Trending Show’, and talked about her brand. She was asked how she describes what she does to her family. She said “They do get what I do, maybe actually too much. I’m pretty sure my dad has me on Google Alert, and like my mom follows me and texts me. She will text me immediately about a video. I tell her come on mom at least let the video be up for an hour before you text me.”Jenna_Marbles

Marbles says she understands the sometimes inappropriate nature of what does does. She says her parents do understand that, and they are very supportive of what she does. Jenna started her Youtube channel after moving to Los Angeles from Boston. She didn’t relocate until after earning a master’s degree from Boston University. She said when she started her Youtube channel she had no idea that would end up being a career, and she still doesn’t consider it a job. She said what she does basically is sit around at home with hanging out with her dogs uploading videos.

She said it’s all “pretty cool” and she never really anticipated being anything like it is now, that type of success she has achieved now, is just crazy she says. She was asked how things changed for her, as far as the type of life she leads now. She said “One I started doing it consistently, like this is my video, I’m going to do it every week, and told people this is my channel. If you want to subscribe great if not fine whatever.”

She said once she started doing it consistently it turned into a job, an awesome job. She says her channel is “magic pure magic”. She says her videos are ridiculous but they make you laugh. ¬†She said she thinks her videos are awesome and make people “feel really good on the inside”. She claims she has no real recipe for a successful video. She just kind of gets up and makes things up as she goes along, with no real plan employed before she actually makes the videos. Marbles is the soul person behind her video production, she does not have a team employed behind the scenes it is just her, and she likes it that way.

Donna Thomas

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