January 22, 2021

Jennifer Gates 15, Bill Gates’ Daughter, Super Indulged By Mega Wealthy Dad!

If some people are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, Jennifer Gates (Jennifer Katherine Gates), Bill Gates’ Daughter, 15, probably had a platinum one. Gates only fifteen was just given an 18 million dollar equestrian estate to live in, why she partakes in all things horses. Gates is an avid equestrian aficionado, competing in competitions all around the country. The estate that mega wealthy Microsoft wizard Bill Gates, bought for his daughter is nothing to sneeze at. Some of the trappings available on the estate are a 3 mile race track, an olive garden, a luxurious guest house, five barns. The estate is just north of San Diego, and should be big enough for Jennifer, a few horses and a friend or two.

Jennifer Katherine GatesJennifer Gates 15, Bill Gates' Daughter, Super Indulged By Mega Wealthy Dad!

It is the former estate of weight loss guru Jenny Craig. Before Gates took possession of the property Craig had owned the property for over 20 years, to indulge her love of thoroughbred horses, and used the property as a training facility. Craig stipulated the property was to be used as an equestrian facility, well lucky for her the Gates family stumbled by. The Gates family had been coming to the San Diego area for years to visit, and Jennifer had also been participating in horse events in the area. Gates, 59, and his wife Melinda and the couples three children live in the exclusive Medina, Washington. Craig released a statement after the sale was finalized saying she was happy someone who both appreciates the equestrian lifestyle and can really afford the property, bought the property.


Gates who is worth 81 billion dollars, said he plans to turn the property into one of the most exclusive properties for equestrian events, including racing and jumping. Gates in the past bought Jennifer another property in Florida for close to 9 million dollars. That property was located close to the Wellington Equestrian festival, where Jennifer competed.

Jennifer recently talked to a news outlet about her love of horse jumping and competing at the LGCT Chantilly. She was asked how it was competing there, she said “It’s amazing, I mean I’ve never competed somewhere so beautiful. I’m so lucky to be here. The arena is great, the place for the horses is great so it just wonderful.” She was asked, about competing and going to school. She said” I’m trying to do a balance right now. School is very important to me, but it’s wonderful that I was able to come over here and make time for it, it’s wonderful. Because it’s worth it for sure.”

At 15 she has already graduated from high school. She is set to study biology at Stanford in the fall. She said she wasn’t sure long term where her life would go, but she is set to focus on school for the next four years. She also talked about her racing team. She trains with Harden and Jack Tal a father and son team. A bar manager Chris Howard is also on her team, and all of them travel with her a lot for competitions. She said she travels with her entire family to all of her competitions.

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