February 25, 2021

Jill Kelley Petraeus’ Friend who Received Threatening Emails from Mistress

It was because of the emails Paula Broadwell send to Jill Kelley that the FBI uncovered the affair between Gen. Petraeus and his biographer, today Jill Kelley speaks up,wonder what she has to said about the thousand she received from Petraeus including a shirtless pic and her relationship with General John Allen.

jill Kelley Paula bradwell david petraeus

37-year-old Jill Kelley and her husband Dr. Scott Kelley became close friend with Holly Petraeus and her husband David Petraeus wen they lived in Florida and when the General and Holly moved to Washington the Kelley paid him a friendly visit, but there was one person who was not comfortable with the general’s friendship with Jill Kelley, that his mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell who accused Kelley of getting too close to her man, so she send Kelley harassing emails.

Kelley in turn contacted the FBI, the emails were allegedly send from the General’s email account, this led the FBI to a series of emails exchanged between the former CIA director and his mistress.

As investigations continued, we heard that General Petraeus send a shirtless pic of him to Kelley, who Broadwell said she saw touching Petraeus under the table one time, Kelley is said to have been in an inappropriate relationship with married General John Allen.

You can read Jill Kelley’s bio and watch more of her photos here.

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