March 3, 2021

Jim Carrey’s Late Girlfriend Cathriona White: 15 Things You Should Know!

Jim Carrey’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Cathriona White, was found dead in her Los Angeles home from an apparent suicide. What makes her death even sadder is she had just turned 30 and September is Suicide Prevention Month. 

Here are 15 things about Cathriona White that make her more than a famous actor’s ex who committed suicide:

Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend Cathriona White 15 Things You Should Know!

1. Cathriona was born and raised in Ireland. Her social media account name is “littleIrishcat” which reflected her background.

2. She moved to California later and worked as a makeup article.

3. She recently worked with David Hasselhoff.

4. Jim and Cathriona started dating each other in 2012.

5. In 2013 she married her husband Mark Burton in Las Vegas when she was 27 and Burton is 35. According to the insider, they were separated at the time of her suicide and she was going to start divorce proceedings in December.

6. Jim and Cathriona got back together in 2015 and they were spotted holding hands in New York city.

7. She’s sister named Lisa White. She had a beloved aunt who has 5 kids. Cathriona was a family-orientated person and always shared pictures of her big family.

8. Cathriona had a lot of hobbies, such as travelling, cooking, biking, taking photographs and sports. 1 year before her death she even practiced transcendental meditation.

9. She was positive because On her Instagram you can always see the positive words such as: Love, Learn, Laugh a Lot, Be Creative, Be Silly, Be Kind, See the World.

10. She loved all things of Irish such as poets William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, she also loved shamrocks and tea.

11. Her favorite poem was: “Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame. – William Butler Yeats,”

Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend Cathriona White 15 Things You Should Know!

12. She was a Scientologist and she had gotten involved with it about 5 years ago and was taking an intensive survival Scientology course.

13. She had a dog called Bella who was her good companion.

14. Just days before her suicide, she posed a tweet saying she was signing off from Twitter which hinted that she was ready to go.

Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend Cathriona White 15 Things You Should Know 2

15. In Jame’s eyes, Cathriona was a “lovely girl” and he said her death hit him like “a lighting bolt.”

May her in peace.

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